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Get Psyched—2019 Will be a Great Gaming Year!

The New Year is here and with it comes the excitement of great game releases ahead!

At Filsinger Games we’re now going into our 33rd year and just as strong as ever!

Even stronger. We’ve got three main game lines and all kinds of opportunities for expansion. I’m going to give our loyal promoters a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2019 so hang on!

I’m going to start with our flagship game which is, of course, CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY. You can count on—like you’ve counted on for 33 years—the latest annual release in July. It’ll be game year 2135 and counting! The amazing story of the return of GODSEND will continue to shock with new developments! On top of that look for another color update, INVASION 2089, in the second half of the year.

Our second major line is our legendary LEGENDS OF WRESTLING Card Game series. First off is our tribute to the women of wrestling with a game pack coming in February. Watch for those announcements soon! You can also look forward to not one but two Legends expansions this year! Current schedule has one for July (another astounding GalactiCon is coming!) and one during the holidays. Hey, if you’re lucky, we may release another theme pack during the year, but keep watching to see what we can cook up!

Third is our BEST OF INDIES series, which starts with our BEST OF FILSINGER GAMES starter set. We will release new wrestlers in expansion packs to give you more new blood in your game feds. We LOVE releasing game cards for Indy wrestlers and not just for our fans, but for the Indy wrestlers themselves. They love it! To them an official FG card is like a Topp’s baseball card! We also love to focus the spotlight on Indy promotions throughout the U.S. and world. Watch for a couple BEST OF INDIES packs coming in 2019!

For other game companies that would be more than enough to release in one year, but not us! We’ve got a few other card packs we’re working on and when we have details you’ll be the first to know! And maybe not just cards but another surprise or two as well.

Our goal this year, as always, is to conquer the game galaxy! To that end we will be involved in some promotions to get the word out to wrestling fans. Loyal promoters know our games are the best and we want to continue to spread the word at live events and media promotions. YOU CAN HELP! If you plan to attend any live wrestling shows this year and can help sell our merchandise at a table, let us know. Maybe we can work something out. We are hoping to have a cool promotion at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion this spring.

In addition, if you can post articles or reviews of our games, let us know that also. And if you can help us schedule any podcast appearances or magazine articles, contact us. Our loyal fans are in the trenches and we know that many of you have some great contacts. If we work together we can conquer the game galaxy anew in 2019!

Our team at Federation Headquarters is as strong as ever, composed mainly of game fans that love creating our game cards as much as fans (and we ourselves) love playing them!

Until the Galactic Punisher gets his color update (it’s coming!)…





The Valiant Brothers are the Special Legends Summer Release!

We are proud to include the Valiant Brothers, Johnny and Jimmy, into the color Legends game this summer in a special edition 2-pack.  The duo were multi-time tag team champions earlier in their careers before each branching out into successful careers on their own.  These cards capture their unique and colorful style.  The cards will debut on July 14 at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh, and begin mailing worldwide soon soon thereafter. The Valiant Brothers and our other summer releases are available for preorder now by clicking HERE.

Colored Version of Classic Spike Card to be GalactiCon 2018 Giveaway!

Long-time Champions of the Galaxy fans will remember one of the early advertisements for the game that appeared in the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  The ad featured the face-painted, headbanging villain Spike, with the quote “Hey Mom, the Babysitter’s Here!”  The ad and the artwork got the attention of many soon-to-be COTG promoters.  Now 30 years later that artwork is updated and immortalized as part of a special edition color card!

The card will be an exclusive giveaway to attendees at GalactiCon in Pittsburgh on July 14th and 15th.  Can’t make it to the big weekend? You can still get a copy of the card if you are a COTG Prime 2018 subscriber before July 15th, and the card will come with the rest of the summer cards.

If you haven’t made your plans yet, check out all the details at the GalactiCon page HERE.

For those unable to travel, stay turned for more information on how you can still participate in all the fun wherever you are in the world!

RINGKAMPF Debuts in the EVOLVE Game!

The last names in the EVOLVE 5 8-pack are among the most feared tag teams on the independent scene today, both in North America and in Europe!

RINGKAMPF is a group formed in Germany and headed by the Austrian bruiser WALTER.  WALTER is a multi-time singles champion in his own right and has challenged WWN Live Champion Keith Lee and Matt Riddle in thrilling contests in previous EVOLVE cards.  Former EVOLVE champion Timothy Thatcher, after dropping the title to Zack Sabre Jr., went to Germany and joined the RINGKAMPF stable.  His sadistic torturing submission moves are the perfect complement to WALTER’s punishing power moves.  Now the duo has their sights set on dominating tag divisions throughout the world and at the WWN Live Super Show in New Orleans where they intend to capture the EVOLVE tag team titles!

WALTER and Timothy Thatcher will join Matt Riddle, DJZ, Austin Theory, Dominic Garrini, Anthony Henry, and James Drake in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans on April 8-10 and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter. Preorder for this set and the newest Legends expansion is available now by visiting HERE.

The Workhorsemen Will Bolster EVOLVE Tag Team Division!

The EVOLVE tag team division was shaken up in the summer of 2017, when the duo of Anthony Henry and James Drake came together and shocked the EVOLVE tag team champions Catch Point and won the title in their first match tagging together.  Henry and Drake each made their names in the southeastern US independent scene primarily in singles matches.  However, since their big EVOLVE tag team title win in their home region of North Carolina, this duo has started competing regularly both in EVOLVE and in other promotions and is continuing to improve their work as a team.

The Workhorsemen, as they dubbed themselves, went on to have a few successful tag title defenses in the summer of 2017 before losing the titles to another unlikely duo of Ethan Page and ACH.  They earned another shot at the title in December against Catch Point, who reclaimed the titles, but that match ended in a no-contest.  Will they look to challenge for the title again, or focus more on singles competition and look to achieve the success in EVOLVE that both have had in singles competition outside the promotion?  It will be up to you to decide what paths Henry and Drake take in your promotion!

Anthony Henry and James Drake will join Matt Riddle, DJZ, Austin Theory, Dominic Garrini, and 2 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter. Preorder for this set begins Monday April 2nd!

Its time to get the party started…DJZ is coming to the EVOLVE game!

The EVOLVE game is ready to have the volume turned up loud with wrestling’s preeminent DJ set to join the roster, DJZ!  This Filipino born wrestler has been wrestling for a number of years under s few different names and for a number of high profile companies.  But recently he joined the EVOLVE roster and has already made a splash.  Decked out in his new space-age entrance outfit, he is sure to catch the eye of EVOLEV fans on his way to the ring.  But its his high-flying abilities in the ring that will truly make him memorable to fans.  Although his record thus far in EVOLVE has not been stellar, given his experience and charisma, DJZ is bound to start winning matches along with the accolades of fans.

DJZ will join Matt Riddle, Austin Theory, Dominic Garrini, and 4 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter. Get indie promotion ready to EVOLVE!

The King of Bros Joins the EVOLVE 5 Roster!

There is no denying that the EVOLVE wrestler who has grown the most over the past 2 years has been Matt Riddle.  So it is only fitting that the King of Bros himself gets an updated playing card in the newest EVOLVE expansion set.

Riddle has continued to grow his wrestling repertoire, including adding his patented Bro-mission, and his wrestling accolades.  After joining the Catch Point stable, he won the 2016 Style Battle tournament.  He continued his winning ways, but continued to come up short in his attempts to win the EVOLVE title.  However he did win the tournament to crown the inaugural WWN Live Championship in Orlando in 2017.  He held the title for over 6 months and is sure to taste gold in an EVOLVE ring again soon enough.

Matt Riddle will join Austin Theory, Dominic Garrini, and 5 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter. Get indie promotion ready to EVOLVE!

FIP Champion Austin Theory Joins the EVOLVE Roster!

The past year has been an impressive one for the strong, agile newcomer from Georgia.  Theory started within the WWN Live family making a splash in Full Impact Pro before making his EVOLVE debut in February 2017 in a winning effort over Darby Allin.  He struggled a bit in the springtime, before partnering up with the cunning Priscilla Kelly and going on an impressive winning streak, culminating at EVOLVE 97 where he beat Fred Yehi for the FIP World Heavyweight Title.  This past weekend, one year after his EVOLVE debut, he challenged EVOLVE champion Zack Sabre Jr.  Although he was unsuccessful in winning the EVOLVE title, he still reigns as FIP champion and will surely once again get a title shot at the EVOLVE champion.

Austin Theory will join Dominic Garrini and 6 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon thereafter so get your EVOLVE promotion ready!

Dominic Garrini is Coming to EVOLVE Game to Collect the Bones of His Foes!

Kicking off the 5th Edition of the EVOLVE game is the newest member of the Catch Point faction, “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini!

Before entering the professional wrestling world, Garrini was an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, attaining a purple belt over the course of his many years of training.  He decided to enter the wrestling world and was trained by Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae at the AIW academy.  After proving himself in AIW he began branching out to other independents.  In October he made his in-ring debut for EVOLVE and was quickly brought into the Catch Point stable, a natural fit given his grappling background.  Garrini is acting as the enforcer of the group and has been tagging often with Catch Point leader Tracy Williams.  Dom will no doubt continue to improve and be a force in EVOLVE for the foreseeable future.

Dominic Garrini will join 7 other wrestlers in EVOLVE 5.  The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger Games fans worldwide soon there after so get psyched!

EVOLVE 5 Game Pack Coming This Spring!

In just under 2 weeks EVOLVE will be celebrating their landmark 100 show!  Indie wrestling fans everywhere will be excited to see what happens at this major show.  However, Filsinger Games fans also have another landmarke event for EVOLVE to look forward to…the release of the EVOLVE 5 game pack later this spring.  This 8-card set will feature new characters and updates to the EVOLVE roster and is must have for any indie wrestling fan.

The game will be released at the WWN Live Experience in New Orleans in April and will mail out to Filsinger games fans worldwide soon there after.  Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for names in EVOLVE 5 as well as details on our other spring releases.