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FTR Teaser #2: VACANT

Last week we met MAYHAM, the first of four promoter creations, brought to life by FTR Madness winner Broc Atkinson. This week we’re introduced to the first of four Filsinger Games staff creations – VACANT!

Vacant is rumored to be one of Cannibal’s many illegitimate children growing up and running wild in the dark jungles of Neptune. He is a savage fighter, raised among beasts, untamed and void of normal human behavior. Named for his primitive nature and wild eyed thousand yard stare, Vacant is a fearless hardcore rookie!
But the fans aren’t sure what to think of the Neptunian newcomer. Is Vacant a heroic Space Cropper? Or is his destiny to follow in the sadistic footsteps of his villainous father?
In the ring, Vacant uses SPINE CRACKER – a familiar finisher used by Renegade at the start of his career.
Check back next week for another incredible promoter creation when the second of four FTR Madness winning characters is revealed!

FTR Teaser #1: MAYHAM

The first FTR teaser of the season is MAYHAM! Mayham is an Animan who also happens to be a cowardly Aethran sympathizer. Mayham believes that the Gladiators of Aethra are going to take over the galaxy and wants to be seen as an ally when they do. Mayham’s main goal in FTR is to be noticed by the Aethran Overmaster and be invited to join the Gladiator team. How could this plan possibly go wrong for Mayham?

Mayham is created by Broc Atkinson, and is the first of four incredible fan created game cards in FTR 2. Great work, Broc! Mayham joins four staff created characters (including one by Tom!) for a total of 8 fun new jobbers for your GWF fed. Check back next week for another teaser!

2016 Anniversary Year Breaks All-Time Sales Record!

We celebrated our 30th anniversary with a bang. 2016 marked our top year all-time in total game sales!


Who says an indie game can’t have longevity and be successful?

We have the greatest team of artists, writers, and contributors that is possible. That’s to say nothing of the best fans in the game industry.

We’re prejudiced of course, but why shouldn’t we be!

Despite our success we aren’t stopping—we’re having too much fun! Here’s to 2017 breaking the record again!




The Last Name for 80’s Mania Wrestling Part III is Enormous!

Attention all 80s Maniacs!

The 8MW 8-Pack PART III is not only ready order but begins shipping this week!

As if that’s not a huge enough news scoop, here’s something else that’s enormous…PIERRE THE ENORMOUS!

The gigantic Bad Guy has arrived and he’s looking to slam Good Guys (and beers) on his way to the top!

Along with two 8MW tag teams featured in Promoter Prime there are now a total of 28 super awesome wrestlers along with managers, commissioners, interviewers and more available for fans looking to play 80s MANIA WRESTLING in tabletop form!

Order PART III now and get your PDF handbook emailed to you immediately! Included are bios and move descriptions for each wrestler!

BONUS: Also included in the handbook are manager charts for The Thinker and Gothica!

Missing out? No problem! Get caught up with all 3 80s MANIA game editions now!

Whatcha Gonna Do When Dude Brohan Comes to 80’s Mania Wrestling?!

When it comes crashing sildenafil 20 mg down and it hurts best generic viagra forum inside, there’s only man who won’t run and hide. And that man is… DUDE viagra side effects cure BROHAN! Yessir! From Muscle Beach to the Main Event, one of the biggest superstars in 80s Mania Wrestling has finally arrived! From SLASHMASTER to JET SET STRUTTER to DARK INVADER, it’s certain that all of the biggest and baddest Bad Guys will be gunning for the Suplexin’ Surfer!

What other big baddies might be on their way to do battle with DUDE BROHAN? But for now, it’s time to PRE-ORDER the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III! Or PREORDER THE sildenafil tablets side effects PACAKAGE OF ALL 3 80’s MANIA SETS! Games begin mailing on December 1st!

80’s Mania Wrestling Gets a Hunka Hunka Burning Lovely Addition!

Who’s ready to add a little swivel to their hips?

We know of one guy who was born ready…

Ladies and gentleman, PELVIS PRESSLY has entered the building!

That’s right. It’s the Curtain Jerker with a knack for annoying the fans and smacking opponents with his guitar. Love him or hate him, he’s sure to add some serious flavor to your fed!

The 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III may be coming sooner than expected! Stay tuned! And be sure to get caught up! Check out the first two sets here: Part I and Part II.

Dangerzone Heads Right Into 80’s Mania Wrestling Game!

Want another tag team? You got it!

Coming soon to your 8MW fed is a Good Guy who’s not only cool as ice, but a total maverick in the ring! It’s… DANGERZONE!

When this top gun teams up with fellow soldier Warhawk the two are known as the AMERICAN HEROES! Wonder what the evil MASTERMINDS have to say about that…You’ll find out soon enough because the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III will be here in a matter of weeks!

Shop of Horrors a Frightening Addition to 80’s Mania Wrestling III

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your 8MW fed short on Bad Guys but it’s also short on tag teams!

And since it’s Halloween, we’ve decided to reveal two ghoulies for the the price of one. Horror fans rejoice! We’re proud to present to you: KEITH BLOOD and SLASHMASTER!

Both of these guys are real killers in the ring! But together, they’re a SHOP OF HORRORS!

The 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III is on it’s way in December! Get stoked!

Not caught up on all the 8MW action? Check out the first two sets here: Part I and Part II.

Red Pirate Rogers Sets Sail for Your 80’s Mania Wrestling Fed!

The 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III is on the way in December!This week we’re proud to announce the long awaited arrival of a true fan-favorite. This mysterious Good Guy not only sails the Seven Seas but is known to charm the pants off the ladies! Not that he’d ever do such a thing, he’s quite the gentleman…
Anyway, please take a bow, RED PIRATE ROGERS and welcome to 8MW!
That’s TWO names revealed for this totally awesome expansion edition! …yet still no Bad Guys? Perhaps next Monday would be a fitting day to introduce a couple of those. Mwahaha!Keep your sights right here for more promos like this leading up to release! And be sure to get caught up on all the awesome 8MW action by getting your hands on the first two game editions here: Part I

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and Part II.

BuZZsaW is Ready to Tear Through Your 80’s Mania Wrestling Fed!

Coming soon! It’s the third installment of our game editions based on the hit mobile game 80s Mania Wrestling!

We’re calling this one the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III and it promises to be the biggest and baddest edition yet!

Since we’re going big we’ve decided to kick off our weekly roster reveals with none other than the American Gladiator himself…BuZZsaW!

His mic spots may be a bit out there, and his move set might be a bit limited, but it’s a guarantee that when this patriotic madman steps into the ring his opponent is at serious risk! Not to mention, the fans love him!

The addition of BuZZsaW brings another MAIN EVENT talent into your 8MW tabletop fed! Naturally there will be another main eventer included in this set…but what if we told you there will be FOUR total main eventers included?!

Stay tuned for more promos like this leading up to our December release date! And be sure to get caught up on all the awesome 8MW action by getting your hands on the first two game editions here: Part I and Part II.