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Scarlet & Graves Joins CZW Tag Team Ranks!

Hailing from Ohio is one of CZW’s newest and most dynamic tag teams, Dezmond Xavier and Zachery Wentz, better known as Scarlet & Graves!  The duo was brought into CZW by Dave Crist in February, and has racked up some impressive wins in their short tenure, including over the Nation of Intoxication.  They unsuccessfully challenged for the CZW tag team titles, but still remain a big favorite of the CZW faithful.  The high flying style of Dezmond Xavier and the gritty determination of Zachery Wentz will continue to make them a top contending tag team.

Will Scarlet & Graves prove themselves and win the CZW tag team titles in your fed?  Find out when CZW Set 4 is released later in October.  Preorder for the game edition starts next Monday October 17th!

Wrench Joins Nation of Intoxication in CZW Game!

The next wrestler that will be part of the 4th expansion of the Combat Zone Wrestling game is the Wrench Conor Claxton!

Claxton was trained by the CZW Dojo and first made his name as part of the Dojo Wars events, where he won the Tournament of Valor to be the first Medal of Valor champion.  A standout in the Dojo, Claxton sought out to be a full-time CZW roster member.  He caught the eye of the fan favorite stable the Nation of Intoxication, and following a trial series where he had to face every member of the Nation in their signature death match, he became a full fledged member of the group.

Conor Claxton has already made a splash on the CZW roster, making it to the finals of Tournament of Death and being a part of some of the Nation of Intoxication’s biggest matches.  Can Claxton realize his dream and capture CZW gold?  You can help decide when CZW 4 is released in late October!


Sugar Creature Solo Darling Debuts in Shimmer Volume 4!

Hailing from the Enchanted Forest is one of the most sildenafil citrate india unique wrestlers in Shimmer, its Solo Darling! With her fuzzy ears and tail and playful attitude, it’s no wonder that Solo how much does a viagra pill cost is a big fan favorite. The Woodland Warrior has been part of many of recent Shimmer events and often teamed with Heidi Lovelace. Although she hasn’t been on the winning side often, when she sildenafil citrate vision is able to get a sip cialis generic versus brand name of her viagra canadian pharmacy Sugar Rush drink…Look Out! Will Solo Darling be one of your favorites? Her card debuts as part of Shimmer Volume 4 in late online cialis forum October!

David Starr Looks to Shine in CZW 4!

  The next wrestler in our upcoming Combat Zone Wrestling pack is none other than the Product David Starr. Starr fisrt made his name as half of the CZW tag team champions, but in the past year has broken out as a singles star. He has had a number of classic encounters, including facing off against Sami Callihan at Cage of Death to end 2015. David Starr’s biggest match in 2016

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was meeting Jonathan Gresham in the finals of Best of the Best, but unfortunately he came out on the losing end of that match. The two had a subsequent rivalry following that match, which continued to tear the house down. Now that Gresham is CZW champion, will Starr look to resume the rivalry to get his shot at the biggest prize in the Combat Zone? You can play this out when CZW 4 game pack gets released this October!

Shazza McKenzie is Colorful Part of Shimmer Volume 4!

Coming all the way from Australia is our next member of the Shimmer Women Athlete’s roster to be in our next Shimmer game edition. It’s Shazza McKenzie.  She may look innocent, but underneath is a well-conditioned athlete and tough wrestler.  Upon her debut in Shimmer she picked up impressive wins over Saraya Knight and Rhia O’Reilly.  She then transitioned into tag team wrestling, most notably with Veda Scott, and had success, including a win over the Shimmer tag team champions.

Recently Shazza has transitioned back into singles wrestling.  Will she find success again on her own or find a new partner?  Its up to you when Shimmer Volume 4 is released in October!

CZW Champion Jonathan Gresham Leads Off CZW 4 Set!

This October will feature the release of the 4th in the series for Combat Zone Wrestling.  The set kicks off with the man on top of the company, Jonathan Gresham, who won the CZW title in a 4-way match on September 10th at the Down with the Sickness event.  He defeated former champion Matt Tremont, Joe Gacy and Greg Excellent in a wild match.  This achievement caps off an incredible year for Gresham, who also won this April’s Best of the Best tournament defeating standouts Rickey Shane Page, Lio Rush, Joey Janela and David Starr to win the prestigious tournament.

Jonathan Gresham has wrestled all over the world and now looks to make an even bigger name for himself representing CZW as champion.  How will he fare in your promotion?  Find out this October when CZW 4 becomes available!

Heart of Shimmer Champion Nicole Savoy Leads Off Shimmer Volume 4

This past April in Dallas, TX 12 of the best women wrestlers in North America competed in a one night tournament to crown the first ever Heart of Shimmer Champion.  When the dust settled it was Nicole Savoy who outlasted Heidi Lovelace and Candice LeRae in a three-way finals to win the inaugural Heart of Shimmer Championship.  This moment cemented Savoy among the elite in Shimmer.

At the most recent Shimmer tapings in June, she once again proved herself by defending the Heart of Shimmer title in 5 title matches.  Among those defenses was MMA standout turned pro wrestler Shayna Baszler, who gained a new respect for Savoy.  Since then that duo has come together to form a faction with the new Shimmer Champion Mercedes Martinez.  Will this trio dominate Shimmer?  Will Nicole Savoy dominate your Heart of Shimmer title division?  Find out when Shimmer Volume 4 debuts in October.

Two New Independent Expansion Packs Coming in October!


Love our Indie sets? We’ve got more coming!

Arriving this October will be the fourth Filsinger games expansion sets for two of the most popular Independent promotions in the United States! Shimmer 4 will have 8 cards cards featuring some of the top women athletes in wrestling, including newer stars, veterans of the promotion and highly anticipated updates.  Combat Zone Wrestling 4 will have 8 cards as well, featuring a mix of high flying and technical stars with ultra violent warriors that the promotion is known for.

Teaser art for both game editions begins next week and runs up until the release in October.  Filsinger Games is hotter than ever and YOU are there with us for the continuing adventure!


Former Colony XTreme Force Ants Join King of Trios Pack!

Back in 2013 a new trio of ants debuted in Chikara and feuded with the original Colony. They were known as the Colony XTreme Force. Since the shut down of Chikara that trio has undergone some changes. Orbit Adventure Ant was killed by the vengeful Kevin Kondron. Missile Assault Ant was convinced to shed his mask and join Kondron’s Battleborn team under the name Missile Assault Man. The 3rd member of the trio, Arctic Rescue Ant remains with his career and mask intact, but instead of battling the Colony, has reached out to help them.

At King of Trios 2016, Arctic Rescue Ant and Missile Assault Man will join forces with the Colony’s Worker Ant. This trio of former rudo ants will look to match the 2011 feat of their Colony brothers and

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win the King of Trios crown. They have a tough test in round one facing the Grand Champion Hallowicked and his Hexed Men.

Arctic Rescue Ant and Missile Assault Man get their first Chikara cards as part of the Chikara King of Trios 8-pack. The Chikara King of Trios game pack will debut at the King of Trios event September 3 in Easton, PA and will begin mailing soon after! To preorder the game now click here!

Lucas Calhoun Puts “King” in Chikara King of Trios Pack!

Straight from Memphis, Tennessee comes the next member of the Chikara King of Trios set— its the Rockabilly Roughneck himself Lucas Calhoun! Calhoun started off his Chikara career under a mask as Volgar, the servant of the Flood’s leader, Deucalion. After the demise of Deucalion at the season 14

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finale, Volgar was aimless, until

Kevin Condron convinced Volgar to remove his mask and take on a new persona truer to his roots. Enter Lucas Calhoun! The charismatic Calhoun adopted many of the mannerisms of fellow Memphis native Elvis Presley, with the jumpsuits, karate chops and hip swiveling. Calhoun has had some success teaming with fellow Condron convert Missile Assault Man, even earning 3 points on one occasion. However, since Condron’s abandonment in April, Calhoun has gone off on his own, and gained the cheers of the crowd for the first time. Can Calhoun make it in Chaikara as a solo act? Or will he find a new partner to start jamming with? The Chikara King of Trios game pack will debut at the King of Trios event September 3 in Easton, PA and will begin mailing soon after! Online presale for the game begins next Monday 8/29!