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The Villain Comes to the Ring of Honor Game!

“The Villain” Marty Scurll has finally arrived in the Ring of Honor game as part of the Death Before Dishonor game pack!  The umbrella toting Scurll made his name on the British independent scene before debuting in Ring of Honor in late 2016.  He made a splash winning the ROH Television title in just his 3rd match after signing with the promotion.  Scrull is a force in the Junior Heavyweight division internationally and is known for a variety of ways to torture opponents, including his dreaded Crossface Chickenwing.  The Villain’s popularity has grown even more in the past 2 years with his partnership with the Young Bucks.  Villain Enterprises is taking over!

Marty Scurll will join Jonathan Gresham, Sumie Sakai and Brian Milonas and 4 other wrestlers in the Death Before Dishonor 8-pack.  Preorder ROH: Death Before Dishonor now along with all our holiday releases now HERE.  Games begin mailing December 14th.

A Villainous Addition to the Evolve 3 Pack!

The last wrestler that will be part cialis better than viagra of the epic EVOLVE 3 game is one of the biggest names on the British wrestling scene Marty Scurll! Years ago, Scurll was a beloved high-flyer better known as Party Marty. He formed a championship tag team with Zach Sabre Jr. known as the Leaders of the New School. However, more recently Scurll had embraced his darker side and is now known as “The Villain.” how to spot fake viagra Marty Scurll has abandoned his high flying arsenal in favor of a more vicious submission style, and isn’t afraid to break the rules when necessary. He comes to the ring with his trusty umbrella, which has been known to play a part in more than one of his matches. He prefers to finish his opponents with his famous Crossface Chickenwing, a move he hopes will lead him to the EVOLVE cialis free coupon championship. “Long Live the Villain!” Catch SPRING FEVER! The EVOLVE 3 game is available for preorder RIGHT NOW as part of the 2016 Spring Fever package with CAC generic viagra Reunion 2016 and 80′s Mania Wrestling Part II right HERE or on its own HERE. Games will begin mailing the week of April 17.