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Its Feeding Time! The Sandwich Squad Come to the PWI Set!

The release of the Pro Wrestling International set is fast approaching, and do we have two big names for you this week.  And do we mean big!  Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercinary are 2 of the biggest competitors in both CWF Mid-Atlantic and NOVA Pro Wrestling, and are also two of the biggest fan favorites.  The duo first formed a team in April 2016 and soon went on to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team titles.  They held the title for nearly a year and even won the prestigious Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament during that run.  However, they received the moniker the Sandwich Squad at NOVA Pro Wrestling when they were awarded “sammiches” after a successful match.  A tasty tradition that continues to this day, much to the Sandwich Squad’s delight.

Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercinary join CW Anderson, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Chet Sterling, Roy Wilkins, Logan Easton LaRoux, Ethan Case, Jake Manning, John Skyler and the Carnies in this unique set that highlight 3 major promotions under the Pro Wrestling International banner: CWF Mid-Atlantic, Premiere Wrestling Xperience, and NOVA Pro Wrestling.  Pre-sale for the game pack along with a Limited Edition card for the “Progressive Liberal” Daniel Richards is now available HERE.

Games begin mailing September 20th and will be available at the NOVA Pro Wrestling NOVA Project 3 show on September 22nd.  Details on that show are available HERE. Pre-order now! This is one of our biggest indie sets ever!

Death to False Tag Teams! The Carnies Have Arrived!

Long past are the days when pro wrestling started in circus side shows and as a carnival attraction.  But there is one tag team that calls back to those roots and they are coming to the Pro Wrestling International game pack.  The circus may be dead, but long live the Carnies!

“The Ringleader” Nick Iggy and the “Dogface Gargoyle” Kerry Awful refer to themselves as the best unsigned tag team today.  Watching what they do inside and outside of the ring it’s hard to argue.  This duo from Tennessee used to be known as Team IOU, but since donning their Carnival alter egos and taking on a more sinister attitude they have been tearing up the independents all over the East Coast and the Midwest.  They are regulars in CWF Mid Atlantic, NOVA Pro and Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, but have also made an appearance on Ring of Honor TV. It’s only a matter of time before this duo is on TV on a regular basis.

The Carnies bring their punishing tandem offense to Filsinger Games as part of the PWI set.  Step right up and join the carnival later this summer!

A Different Kind of Wrestler Joins the PWI Set!

It takes a different kind of individual to pull off mutton chops and a tie with no shirt.  And if there is anything Chet Sterling will tell you its “I’m Different”…and if Chet won’t tell you, his tights and theme music will.  Sterling takes pride in his uniqueness and him and is fans are always having fun together, but when the bell rings he is all business.

Chet Sterling is a product of the CWF Dojo and a year after his debut won his first gold with the CWF Mid-Atlantic Rising Generation League Championship.  His winning ways continued in his home promotion holding both the Tag Team and TV Titles simultaneously.  But Chet’s biggest accomplishment to date came in September when he beat long time rival Cedrick Alexander for the PWI Ultra J Championship.  After representing the Junior Heavyweights for PWI for nearly a year, he lost the title to his main rival in NOVA Pro Wrestling, Logan Easton Laroux.

While we don’t know what is next in the career of Chet Sterling, we do know that he is joining former tag team partner Trevor Lee and rival Logan Easton Laroux in the Pro Wrestling International game edition coming out later this summer.  Keep watching for more updates in the coming weeks for more announcements. You’ll love it!

The Champion of the 1% Comes to the PWI Game Pack!

The Pro Wrestling International game pack features wrestlers from 3 promotions and the newest announcement is from NOVA Pro Wrestling out of Northern Virginia.  One of the most dominant wrestlers in NOVA existence is the Champion of the 1% himself, Logan Easton Laroux. Plenty of feud material here!

The aristocrat talks a big game, but to date has also backed it up in the ring.  Laroux won the first-ever NOVA Commonwealth Cup in April, beating the previously undefeated in NOVA Pro Arik Royal in the finals. He then went on a week ago to capture the PWI Ultra J Championship in a ladder match against champion Chet Sterling.  Will Logan continue his dominance over the best that NOVA Pro management can continue to present him?

The Pro Wrestling International game pack will feature wrestlers from CWF Mid Atlantic, Premier Wrestling Xperience, and NOVA Pro Wrestling.  This game pack will debut at the end of the summer so get psyched for more awesome wrestlers to play!