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Sam Houston Will Rustle Up Interest in Legends Final Chapter!

80s star Sam Houston is the first wrestler to throw his hat into the ring for LEGENDS FINAL CHAPTER!

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Houston, a protege of LOW star Magnum TA, has held numerous regional titles. Will he continue his feud with Bill Dundee? Will he form an alliance with his sister, Rockin Robin? It’s up to you, Promoter, when LEGENDS FINAL CHAPTER arrives in December! Filsinger Games is proud to usher in the FINAL CHAPTER of black and white playing cards. Be sure to get two copies, it’s the end of an era! Note: You didn’t imagine it: the name of this expansion pack has changed from Grand Finale to FINAL CHAPTER! Keep watching, it might change next week too!

The Bearded Lady Will Shock Olde Wrestling Fans!


This past May at the Olde Wrestling Speakeasy Spectacular there was the debut of the much anticipated Bearded Lady Mary Elizabeth Monroe. Monroe teamed with fellow bearded wrestler Matt Cross to defeat Clean Jeeper and Heidi the Riveter. The sideshow attraction became a quick fan favorite, and the Bearded Lady looks to continue her winning ways in the Olde Wrestling ring!

What success will the Bearded Lady have in your Olde Wrestling ring? Find out when the new game is available at Wrestling Geek fest August 14-16 and at Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling exhibitions on August 30 in Norwalk, OH.

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cool new releases including the new Olde Wrestling pack (new old?) will go on sale online after Wrestling Geek Fest. Filsinger Games is supporting independent wrestling in a BIG way and YOU will enjoy the fruits of our labors in a game playing frenzy!

Legendary Strongmen Will Test Their Power in Upcoming Olde Wrestling Pack

The legendary strongmen duo, Clean and Jerk, better known as the Jollyville Jeepers, are set to do battle in the Olde Wrestling ring.  The duo has performed at the Olde Wrestling Extravaganza before, where besides wrestling they attempted to set the tandem bar ball lifting record.  This duo may not have the grappling experience that other wrestlers do, but their unbridled strength is sure to give them an advantage!

The new Olde Wrestling Extravaganza pack will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest on August 14 in Strongsville, OH and at Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling on August 31 in Norwalk, OH. Games will be made available for sale online following the convention, along with our other incredible release, Absolute Intense Wrestling game.

Get psyched! Some of the very best in independent wrestling is coming YOUR way this month!


Jock Samson Leads the Moonshine Revolution in Upcoming Olde Wrestling Pack!

what causes cialis not to work The Appalachian Outlaw himself, Jock Samson, is coming to the Olde Wrestling game to ensure all the fans have plenty of hooch to celebrate with! While Jock is beloved by fans, he has caught sildenafil over the counter the ire of the Legislators of Anti Saloon Land, who are looking to hold up the Prohibition Laws of the day viagra-vs-cialis-best and put moonshiners like Samson and his friend in jail. Who will prevail in the Battle of the Booze? The new best sildenafil tablet Olde Wrestling Extravaganza pack will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest on August 14-16 in Strongsville, OH and at Olde Wrestling’s Yet Another Extravaganza on does viagra give you a bigger hard on August 30 in Norwalk, OH. Olde Wrestling gives you all kinds of interesting story angles to run in YOUR game federation. Don’t miss it! It’ll be ready to order online after Geek Fest!

Legislators Set to Enforce Prohibition Laws in Olde Wrestling Pack

The early 20th century-based promotion Olde Wrestling will be back in action for another big event, Yet Another Extravaganza, on August 30th. And to commemorate the occasion we are set to release another dandy Olde Wrestling game edition. This one will feature 8 characters and will be called Olde Wrestling Extravaganza. Huzzah!

Joining the Olde Wrestling game are a trio that have caught the ire of fans and moonshiners alike, The Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land. Sen. Cameron S. Sheppard, Rep. Gavin Q. Volstead and the infamous Judge Hugo Black are coming to Olde Wrestling to put an end to the fun-loving and boozing ways of scofflaws like Chuck Taylor and Jock Sampson.

Olde Wrestling Extravaganza will be available at Wrestling Geek Fest August 14-16 and at Yet Another Extravaganza on August 30. Games will begin mailing in late August.