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Villain Enterprises is Complete with the Addition of Brody King!

Last week we announced PCO was the first card in the Supercard of Honor pack, and this week we are thrilled to announce his tag team partner in Villain Enterprises, Brody King, will also be part of this star studded game pack! King started his career in Southern California in 2015, but quickly became a standout and started appearing throughout the country and winning prestigious championships.  Brody lives the hardcore punk lifestyle, and while at first glance may just seem like a brawler, after a closer look you can see the agility and pure wrestling technique he possess.  He has seen immediate success in Ring of Honor once joining Villain Enterprises, quickly winning the ROH Tag Team and 6-Man Tag team titles.  While still young in his wrestling tenure, there is no telling how far he can go under the guidance of his veteran teammates PCO and Marty Scurll.

Brody King, PCO and 6 other first-time ROH cards will comprise the roster for the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition will begin mailing in late May.

The Inhuman PCO Shocks the Ring of Honor Roster!

In the 1990’s French Canadian wrestler Pierre Carl Ouellet was winning gold in major international promotions.  In the 2000’s he returned back to home to wrestle in the French Canadian indies before ultimately retiring from the ring in 2010.  However, a few years ago PCO returned to wrestling, but in a very different form.  Not only had his career been resurrected, but now it appears that he himself may have been resurrected from the dead!  PCO now stands for Perfect Creation One, and the monster-like being has show inhuman strength both in the squared circle and outside of it.  Many videos have surfaced online of the mysterious figure Destro torturing PCO and demonstrating incredible feats of strength, which have only intensified his lore.  Now PCO has joined Ring of Honor as part of Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprises, and there is no telling what kind of destruction awaits members of the ROH roster.

PCO leads off the roster for the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 8-pack.  This game edition will begin mailing in late May.