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The Sensational Intelligent Destroyer joins the CAC Reunion 2016 Pack!


A familiar face to LWF fans is also a mainstay at the CAC reunions.  It’s only fitting that the Destroyer is the next name announced for the CAC REUNION 2016 pack!  The Destroyer has received both the Iron Mike Mazurki award and a Men’s Wrestling award from the CAC, and is also a Board Member for the CAC.  Beware if he challenges you to a game of cribbage at the CAC Reunion!

CAC REUNION 2016 honors the great roster of stars affiliated with the Cauliflower Alley Club. The CAC will have their annual reunion April 11-13 in Las Vegas, NV, at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.  For more information on the CAC, please go to

The CAC REUNION 2016 pack will be released on April 11 at the CAC Reunion, with mail orders to begin April 20. But for now it’s time to catch SPRING FEVER!  To order the CAC REUNION 2016 pack as part of the Spring Fever package with Evolve 3 and 80’s Mania Wrestling part II go HERE, and to order it by itself go HERE.