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Hardcore Legend “Wild” Bull Curry to Come to Legends Expansion IV!

Back in the heyday of the territorial era of pro wrestling it didn’t get more hardcore than “Wild” Bull Curry!  Curry was a sight to behold with those trademark bushy eyebrows and his wild facial contortions that made fans truly believe he was a madman.  He was one of the most notorious rule breakers of his era, often using his trademark brass knuckles.  However, when Brass Knuckles were legal he would excel, having won a version of the Brass Knuckles title in Texas on at least 20 occasions.  How will he fare against more modern day hardcore wrestlers in your fed?  And will anyone dare to meet him in a Brass Knuckles match?

Bull Curry joins Abdullah the Butcher, Shane Douglas, Killer Kowalski, Sandman, Steve Corino, Justin Credible, Al Snow, and Ox Baker in the 10-card Legends Expansion Set 4.  This game edition and Special Edition cards for Francine and Bill Alfonso will debut July 13th at GalactiCon in the Philadelphia area!  The game will begin mailing to customers by July 22nd.  These games and the latest Champions of the Galaxy game edition GWF Sudden Death 2135 are available to preorder right now!

Wild Bull and Flying Fred Bring Curry Madness to Legends!

Hard to believe they were actually related.

“Wild Bull” Curry is coming to Legends Final Chapter and he’s taking on all comers! One of the originators of the hardcore style of wrestling, “Wild Bull” Curry is a former 20-time holder of the Texas Brass Knuckles Championship! Curry has been called a “walking riot,” even beating up wrestling fans that attacked him! “Wild Bull” Curry feuded with another notorious hardcore legend, the original Sheik! Who will win their battle in your fed?

Amazingly his son was a clean-cut athletic star, “Flying Fred” Curry. His high-flying aerial style made him popular with fans and he was a very successful tag team wrestler, winning titles with wrestlers like Bobo Brazil and Billy Red Lyons, to say nothing of a two-year title run with his father, “Wild Bull” Curry. What a wild tag team the Curry’s will be in the LWF!  “Flying Fred” was so over with the fans that he was named PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in 1972.

It’s insane, but “Wild Bull” Curry and “Flying Fred” Curry are coming in Legends Final Chapter in December! What an amazing final tribute to the Filsinger Games black & white era of game cards!