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Promoter Prime 2018 is Live!

Filsinger Games fans rejoice!  Promoter Prime has returned in 2018 and is bigger and better than ever!  The Filsinger Games subscription card service features cards from Legends of Wrestling, Indie Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy.  Now game fans can choose which of the 3 product lines they want to subscribe to or can purchase all 3 products for even more savings!  Promoters can choose from printed tabletop cards, Filsinger Games Online cards or purchase a combo of both for even more savings!  See the bottom of this post for all the ordering options!


Cards will come out 3 at a time, 4 times per year.  The 1st Quarter cards in each line are:

Q1 2018 Legends Prime: Brian Christopher, Jerry Lynn, Boris Zhukov

Q1 2018 Indies Prime: Space Monkey (Alpha-1), Priscilla Kelly (EVOLVE), Nytehawk (CHIKARA)

Q1 2018 Champions of the Galaxy Prime (Eternal Champions): Psyclone, Tongsoon, Galactic Punisher

To see all the artwork, please visit the Promoter Prime 2018 Info Page.

To order any or all of the Promoter Prime 2018 products please click the appropriate product link below.

PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Online Version
PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Tabletop Version

LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Online Version
LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

INDIES PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
INDIES PRIME 2018 Online Version
INDIES PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

COTG PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
COTG PRIME 2018 Online Version
COTG PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

Adrian Armour Will Lead the Heroes in AWE Pack!

The last card to be announced in the Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment game is the young leader of the AWE heroes Adrian Armour. Only 22 years old, but full of promise, Armour continues to train and keeps improving each outing. He may be the true hope that the AWE Heroes need to take out the dreaded Hierarchy that continues its domination of the promotion. Will Armour fulfill his destiny? The Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment game pack is now available to order. If you haven’t ordered our games before check out our Starter Sets at our online store and you’ll receive everything you need to

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play including charts, dice, and instructions. To order the amazing Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment 6-pack click HERE and don’t forget to also order the newly released Tier 1 Wrestling game HERE !

Luke Hawx Stomps His Way into Tier 1 Wrestling!

Making his way into the Tier 1 wrestling game pack is the promotion’s first-ever champion, Luke Hawx!  The Southern Stomper has had a near two decade career throughout the indies before arriving in Tier 1, and helped put the promotion on the map.  He won a 4-way match on Tier 1’s first show to win the championship.  He eventually lost the belt to current champion Rude Boy Riley, but has left an enduring mark on the legacy of Tier 1 Wrestling.

The Tier 1 game pack is now available for preorder, and will begin mailing on June 7th.  To order Tier 1 Wrestling click HERE, and don’t forget to also preorder Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment HERE also shipping June 7th. Your tabletop game area is about to get more interesting!

Martin Stone is Set to Take on the Hierarchy in AWE!

From the shores of England comes the man, the boss, the F’n Gov’nor himself Martin

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become a universally loved competitor among the savage AWE crowd. He has set his sights on taking out the group that claims to rule the AWE promotion, the Hierarchy! Can he win this war? Can he do it alone or who will he enlist in this battle? The Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment game is now available for preorder, and will begin mailing on June 7th. To order Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment click HERE , and don’t forget to also preorder Tier 1

Wrestling HERE also shipping June 7th. This will surely be your greatest gaming summer ever!

Marti Belle Tops AWE ROAR Women’s Division

One of the unique aspects of the Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment product is its competitive ROAR women’s division. At the top of this division is the dynamic Marti Belle. This New Yorker has won championships all around the country and has made a name for herself on National TV. Now she has her sights set on dominating the ROAR division, and upon entering the promotion bested the King of ROAR Ashton Starr. She looks to continue her winning ways with her Hell’s Belles finisher! Marti Belle is one of the cards in the AWE 6-pack that begins mailing June 9th. Pre

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order for the set becomes available next Monday May 30th! Filsinger Games is the King (and in this case the Queen) of Indie Wrestling Games. Collect all the cards!

Milk Chocolate Heats up Tier 1 Tag Team Division

Tier 1 Wrestling aims to showcase the best young talent in the greater New York area. When it comes to tag team wrestling the hottest young duo in the

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Northeast is Brandon Watts and Randy Summers, better known as Milk Chocolate. Watts and Summers are popping up everywhere in the North East indies, demonstrating innovative tandem offense including their devastating Power Bomb Back Cracker finisher. The Tier 1 tag team scene is heating up, and Milk Chocolate is set to

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be at the forefront of the division! Milk Chocolate are 2 of 6 cards in the Tier 1 Wrestling pack that begins mailing on June 9th. Pre order for the set becomes available next Monday May 30th! Filsinger Games is the King of Indie Wrestling Games! Don’t miss our latest!

Chip Day Joins the Hierarchy in AWE!

The ranks of AWE’s Hierarchy faction just got stronger with the inclusion of Chip Day, joining Jimmy Rave and Murder 1.  Chip Day is a name that many around the country do not know much about…yet.  He refers to himself as the James Dean of Pro Wrestling and is one of the fastest rising stars on the Southern Indie scene.  As part of AWE he is putting on some stellar matches with a number of big names, as well as forming a regular tag team with his mentor Murder 1, better known as the Kraken.  There is no telling what kind of havoc Chip Day is set to unleash on his opponents!

Chip Day is part of the AWE 6-pack coming out in June. Stay turned for further names in the set and info on how to preorder!

Darius Carter Brings Brass Ring Invitational to Tier 1

Darius Carter is one of the bigger personalities you’ll find on the Tier 1 Wrestling roster.  He is a smart and wealthy business man and isn’t afraid to let everyone know just how superior he is in life and in the ring.  To prove his superiority he has initiated the Brass Ring Invitational to Tier 1, in which he invites anyone who wants to reach for the proverbial brass ring to meet him one on one and earn it!

On the first night of the challenge he defeated 2 men, and then the next time defeated EVOLVE standout Fred Yehi.  For his next Brass Ring Invitational on May 20th he meets Indy standout Tracy Williams.  Will he prevail and continue his way towards the Tier 1 Championship?  Who will accept the Brass Ring Invitational in your promotion?

Darius Carter is one of 6 cards in the Tier 1 Wrestling pack coming out this June.  Stay turned for further names in the set and info on how to preorder!

Sonny Kiss is Ready to Make a Splash in the Tier 1 Game!

There have been some flamboyant wrestlers over the years, from the likes of Gorgeous George to Adrian Street, but few hold a candle to Tier 1 Wrestling’s Sonny Kiss. The “Concrete Rose” loves to play around with his opponents, but isn’t afraid to throw down when he needs to. Now he is set to bring the

Sonnylicious Flavor to your Filsinger Games fed! Sonny Kiss is one of 6 cards in the Tier 1 Wrestling pack coming out this June. Stay turned for further names in the set and info on how to

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Murder-1 is Ready to Bring Violence to the AWE Game!

When it comes to the Georgia area independent wrestling scene, one of the names most synonymous with the region is Murder-1. He is a 25-year veteran of the scene and has had a hand in training many of the best wrestlers to come

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out of the area. Opponents of his for years have been fearful of the pain he will surely inflict. Now Murder-1 is part of the Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment roster as part of the Hierarchy stable, who are running the show. Who will step up to face off against Murder-1 and the Hierarchy in your Filsinger Games fed?

Murder One is part of the AWE 6-pack coming out in June. Stay turned for further names in the set and info on how to preorder!