Tauran Lives!

The fate of Tauran unfolds on Kronos.

Tauran was last seen in 2132 reverse aging at a rapid pace and approaching his age 20. Driven by the will to live while dying in his youthful decline, the reverse ager from Equuleus begrudgingly approaches the vampires on Draco and submits himself to them in exchange for eternal life. He is bitten and transformed into a vampire in exchange for his eternal loyalty and services during a mysterious Draco ritual.

Tauran lives! But with eternal life comes new problems for Tauran. A hero his entire career, he fights new urges to shred and maim opponents as warm vampire blood flows through his veins. Can Tauran control his new found rage or will it consume him?

Struggling with intense emotions about his decision Tauran quietly leaves Draco and heads to Kronos where he banishes himself as he battles feelings of guilt. Will Tauran live with eternal shame and doubt or grow to fully accept his new vampire self?

Tauran joins Infinity and Infinity-Plex as COTG Prime releases in December to close out the 2019 subscription.

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