Everyone Has a Price for the Legends of Wrestling Color Starter Set…$25!

The Legends of Wrestling Color Starter Set is now available for preorder.  This new color starter set featuring 16 of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling is priceless, but you can get it now for only $25.

One of the names featured in the set is a man for whom money is truly no object…Ted DiBiase.  First making his name as a heroic wrestler in the southern wrestling territories, DiBiase really gained fame as a rich megalomaniac in the biggest promotion in the United States.  His skills were top notch, but any obstacle that his cunning in the ring couldn’t take down he used his money to overcome.  Who will he try to buy in the Legends of Wrestling roster?

Also available now for preorder are 2 Limited Edition numbered cards for “Pretty Boy” Bobby Heenan and “The Sicilian” Lou Albano. You’ll want to collect these unique cards of legendary managers when they were still wrestlers!

Our holiday releases ship by December 16th.  Make sure to order the Legends Starter set and the Limited Edition cards now and get them as soon as they are available. Or order the whole 2016 Holiday Package which includes both of these plus the Ring of Honor Excellence 8-Pack and Special Edition cards for Champions of the Galaxy and save $4.

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