“The Three” Have Arrived!

SUR, GHENA, and BEX finally take physical form!







At last, the masterminds behind BLACK DEATH have arrived!

The epic BLACK DEATH saga takes a huge turn in 2128 when SUR, GHENA, and BEX finally take physical form, entering our dimension and the GWF! Wait till you hear their story! Will the combined power of the GWF be enough to stop the BLACK DEATH takeover? And that says nothing of the incredible debut of END OF DAYS whose playing card and sheer awesomeness will blow your mind!

BLACK DEATH 2128 is due for release at GALACTICON (see news stories below) in Jamestown on July 6, so if you’re coming hurry and pre-order! Otherwise orders begin mailing on July 11. The online version will be available on July 13. You can pre-order BLACK DEATH 2128 here!