Tom Tops List of Best Game Designers of All Time!

Filsinger Games has a lot to be proud of after 28 years of success in the game field and continued growth every year. But here’s a new one: Tom is currently ranked as “The Best Game Designer of All Time” at ListNerd.

“It’s an honor to be on the list at all,” says Tom. “I don’t deserve to rank that high with all that distinguished company, that’s because of the support of our great game fans. Thank you.”

Game legend Steve Jackson was #2 at the time of this writing. The rankings could change at any time so check it out!

Feb 24 note: Tom’s ranking is now #17 as there has been a sudden “surge” in votes for practically everyone else on the list but especially those near the top. Did it ruffle some feathers to have a wrestling action game creator at the top of the list?

Mar 9 update from Tom: “I’m proud to be #17 and I have great respect for all the creators on the list. I’m even prouder to have more votes from real people with real names and photos than the others. The default pic of the anonymous “voters” looks like the alien from the first Outer Limits episode ‘The Galaxy Being,” except with glasses.

Why are they hiding their identities but my fans aren’t? Are they embarrassed?

Oh well, if you can’t beat em, join em. The new marketing goal for my company is to reach out to the Galaxy Being demographic…soon as we figure out who they are!”










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