Universe Shatters Big Time When REGIME CHANGE 2133 Arrives!

Champions of the Galaxy is on a roll. After 40+ expansions more exciting and popular than ever!

Epic meta-story arc (“A Universe Shattered”) began with BLACK DEATH 2127 and continues with REGIME CHANGE 2133 coming in July! After the disruptions of Black Death and Future Shock things got even more unpredictable when Sly Drury returned in 2132 to regain his throne as commissioner of the GWF.

But there are so many questions still lingering. Who is Iron Hand this time? Who are the Dominion and what is the goal of the Castilex team? Will Monolith re-join forces with the Dark Menace? Will 2133 be the end of the line for Probation and if so who replaces him? What new members will be added to Sly Drury’s Martial Law team? Speaking of Martial Law, can Sly Drury keep peace with Shayne?

All this and more will be answered on July 7 in Jamestown NY when REGIME CHANGE 2133 is exclusively released at GalactiCon! Make your plans to attend and discuss the GWF (and all our games) with fellow promoters at the original home of GalactiCon (Jamestown)! It’s a reunion worth attending!

And get psyched—sneak previews for REGIME CHANGE 2133 begin on June 12.

Tom, Darryl, and Werner are working hard to bring you the BEST CotG expansion of all time. They always work hard (of course) and they’re not stopping now! REGIME CHANGE 2133 is on the way!