Updated Belt Records in my GWF Fed

I’ve been working on my all-time stats today: what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

As long-time game fans know I’ve been playing a Champions of the Galaxy federation continuously since 1988. That’s 860 fight cards and over 7,000 total matches!

I regularly report my fed results at the official message board but I haven’t posted my all-time leaders in a long time. Like I said I worked on my stats this afternoon and here’s my report first starting with my current champions:

GWF Heavyweight: HARBINGER (who is within 5 cards of my all-time record!)

Tag-Team: ULTRA MANTIS (UltraMantis Black and Mantis). It’s cool to see the Chikara wrestler make good in the future!

Interplanetary: BALAAL. This guy has been fantastic since he entered in 2127.

Now here are some all-time leaders:

Heavyweight Belt – Longest Title Reign: Monolith and Matador of M83 (tied with 43). Harbinger is currently at 39. What will Monolith have to say about it? Harbinger is tied with Thunder (39) followed by Chaos (31).

Tag Team – Longest Title Reign: TitanPower (Lord Nexus and Billy Jo Boxer) had the most exciting title reign of all time (54)!  They are followed by Brute and Massacre (53), Rebel Empire (50), Mercenaries (42), and Brute and Massacre again (39).

Interplanetary – Longest Title Reign: Vengeance entered the GWF with (ahem) a vengeance and held for 62 cards! The modern version of Thantos is next at 46 (and he wants it again!), Lance At-Last (39), Draconian Shiek (36), and Murdok (35). Balaal is currently at 26 and fighting to enter the hallowed list.

Who has had the most title reigns?

Heavyweight: Chaos, Star Warrior, and Wolf each held 4 times.

Tag-Team: Brute, Massacre, and Overkill each held 4 times.

Interplanetary: Many people are tied with 2.

Most Title Reigns including all belts: Star Warrior is tops with 7 (he won the tag belts with Thantos a couple times in addition to singles belts) and Thunder has a total of 5.

My ALL-TIME GREATEST CHAMPIONS are determined by a point system where a wrestler gets 3 points for holding the prestigious GWF Heavyweight Belt, then 2 points for the tag-team belts, and 1 point for the Interplanetary Belt. Adding it all together here are the ALL-TIME GREATEST CHAMPIONS:

1. Thunder (283)

2. Brute and Massacre (222) all as Gladiator tag team

3. Chaos (210)

4. Thantos (207)

5. Wolf (189)

6. Nefarus and Vendetta (180) all as Rebel Empire tag team

7. Billy Jo Boxer (175)

8. Lord Nexus (170) and Star Warrior (170)

9. Matador of M83 (166)

10. Monolith (153)

I’ve had a blast for nearly 25 years playing my CotG fed and I can’t wait to reach card #1,000. I figure that’ll be in three or four years.

So there it is. I hope YOUR fed is as exciting as mine, it’s what the game is all about!

Until Harbinger has the all-time longest title reign as Heavyweight Champion… (will it happen???)