Who is this Mystery Man Find Out in Regime Change 2133

REGIME CHANGE 2133 will be released in just one short month and here’s our first sneak preview!

This masked man has approached Sly Drury to work for him and Martial Law. Who is he?

This is one of several new signings for Sly Drury as he continues his battle to retain the commissioner role and defeat his many enemies.

And he definitely has MANY enemies. More than he can count. Wait till you see who’s coming after Sly Drury in 2133!

Drury is lucky to have help. Who is this new mysterious assassin and what are his motives for joining Martial Law?

REGIME CHANGE 2133 will be released on July 7 at GalactiCon in Jamestown, NY and loyal game fans that cannot attend will receive their package in the mail shortly thereafter.

The drama never ends! The GWF saga continues and is, in fact, just getting warmed up!