The Duke of Hardcore

One of the greatest deathmatch wrestlers North America has ever seen, John Wayne Murdoch is the last name announced for the Indies Deathmatch Set! Known for his 13 year run in IWA: Mid-South, Murdoch faced all comers in any kind of match you can imagine. A 6-time Heavyweight Champion and 2-time Tag Team Champion -

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Get The Horns

GCW mainstay, G-Raver, is the next name for the Indies Deathmatch set coming this Fall. His high-flying, high-risk style has earned him his share of fans out of the ring and enemies in the ring - none more so than set mate Jimmy Lloyd! In 2019, Lloyd nearly ended G-Ravers career in a tables, ladder,

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The Deathmatch Legend Has Arrived

Nick. F’N. Gage! The GOD of Ultraviolence. The King. The folk hero of the independent scene and deathmatch legend. Gage’s incomparable connection with the fans and willingness to do whatever it takes to entertain have made him one of the most talked-about wrestlers in the world today. 2021 has been a banner year for the

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King Ugly is Coming!

Jeff Cannonball is ready to carve his way into your fed! This New Jersey native is a deathmatch specialist and has taken part in just about every hardcore tournament the Northeast has to offer. Cannonball has also held multiple titles in H2O, including their heavyweight championship and, more recently, the Danny Havoc Hardcore Championship. The

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The Wizard King

"The Wizard King" Orin Veidt joins Jimmy Lloyd, and Alex Colon in the upcoming Indies Deathmatch set! Veidt is a 6-year pro whose deathmatch reputation belies a solid combination of lucha and mat-based technique. He has seen action in multiple indie feds across the country and has held nearly every title for Milwaukee-based promotion, ICW,

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Different Boy

"The Different Boy" Jimmy Lloyd is coming to Filsinger Games as a part of the Indies Deathmatch set this Fall! Lloyd fits the bill perfectly as a former CZW Tournament of Death winner and champion in various hardcore promotions, including GCW. Of course, Jimmy's hardcore pedigree shouldn't be a slight on his skills in the

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Alex Colon is the first name announced for the Indies Deathmatch set! A true violence artist, Colon is a 13-year pro by way of the CZW dojo. Colon began his career as a technical standout and excelled by winning the CZW Wired Championship and the Best of the Best Tournament in 2013. Eventually, he evolved

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The Iron Demon Shane Mercer and KTB are IRONBEAST! Shane Mercer is a 14 year veteran of the indie scene. Spending his early years in Indiana and Kentucky, Mercer has branched out over the past few years to add some of the biggest indie promotions in the country on his resume. In addition to finding

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Madness Is Coming

#MainEventMonster Madman Fulton is a championship-winning talent looking to make an impact in your fed, promoter! Joining his tag team partner, Ace Austin, this standout talent has had experience with the major companies in North America and main-evented matches across the indies as well. Standing at 6'8" and weighing in at over 300 lbs, Fulton's

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It’s Going To Be A Happening!

One of the most legendary voices in professional wrestling history is coming to Legends of Wrestling! Gorilla Monsoon makes his LoW debut alongside his longtime broadcast partner, Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. This unique card gives promoters the chance to have Bobby and Gorilla host your very own studio show. Never-before-seen mechanics will spice up your

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