Although he’s been on the wrestling scene since 2005, it was in 2014 that Timothy Thatcher really made a name for himself.

Thatcher’s British style of wrestling earned him the moniker “The British Messiah,” while his work on the West Coast also earned him the name the “California Bad Boy.” Despite his solid work, he didn’t break on to the national scene until WWN Live Experience 2014 in New Orleans in a match against fellow technician, Drew Gulak.

Thatcher’s profile has continued to grow since that time, including winning the 2014 Style Battle tournament against the likes of Drew Gulak and Biff Busick. Thatcher continues to perfect his submission style in his ongoing battle with these two competitors along with a variety of other challengers.

Will Thatcher win the Style Battle in YOUR fed? What other unique challengers will you put up against him? You’ll have a chance to decide when EVOLVE 2 is released this spring!