2011 Will Be a Year to Remember!

Welcome to the longest running blog on the Internet. I started “Inside Tom’s Brain” in 1996 and as far as I’m concerned that’s the longest unless someone can prove otherwise and if they do I’ll just make up an earlier year! That’s the Dark Menace credo, win at all costs, cheat if necessary.

I’m excited, but hey, I’m always excited!

And why not? Our game releases are more fun and exciting every year! This year is no exception. Since it’s on my mind I’ll summarize what’s coming.

First off we just released Series 4 for LEGENDSonline which is the digital version of our Legends of Wrestling Card Game. I won’t talk about it much here but we’ve now released over 75 incredible real-life wrestlers that YOU can use in an imaginary wrestling federation and you can run it on your PC. For more information about Series 4 go here.

An exciting event is coming on June 24 in Chicago. There will be a live Chikara wrestling show at Logan Square Auditorium and Filsinger Games will be there for the EXCLUSIVE release of our Chikara Wrestling Game! This is the first official collaboration of my company with a wrestling organization and there couldn’t be a better match! With their unique approach to showmanship, Chikara is a conceptual marriage of Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling, making our collaboration all the more fitting.

Oh, and I’ll be in Chicago but not as mild-mannered Tom Filsinger. How boring. Instead the Windy City will have to cope with the dramatic return of wrestling’s most mysterious manager, the Dark Menace! The last time the Dark Menace was seen he won tag gold in his managerial debut in Detroit and he’s laid low ever since. Now he’s emerging from the shadows for his appearance on June 24. What will happen? You better plan to be there to find out!

That’s not all—it’ll be party time in the Windy City! John Krause is pulling together a mini-convention for fans of Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling on Saturday, June 25. I’m planning to be there so watch our news pages for updates! I hope to see you!

The BIG convention is coming on July 8-10 in Jamestown, New York and of course that’s GALACTICON 2011! It’ll feature a huge celebration of 25 years of Champions of the Galaxy! There’s also the exclusive release of the new Champions of the Galaxy game edition, COUNCIL OF WAR 2126! Check out the news about GALACTICON 2011 by going here!

For those who can’t attend our events in Chicago and Jamestown (it’s unthinkable, there’s no excuse other than natural disaster and acts of God!) the new GWF game and the Chikara game will begin mailing to customers on July 13.

Can’t also forget the releases from my new company, Dark Menace Productions. For starters there’s Part 2 of the Champions of the Galaxy e-book saga. This is a novel that re-imagines CotG as a super hero/science fiction adventure story. I’ve had a blast writing it! Part 2 will be released in July and it’s called Ultimate Betrayal as the incredible events following Battle for Cetus (Part 1, which was released last July) continue to unfold. This will be a 3-part epic and each e-book comes with printable playing cards for the Champions of the Galaxy super hero game! I could get all crazy talking about Dark Menace Productions but I’ll spare you—check out ALL our cool releases from me, Kris Osk, and Stan Lee by GOING HERE and watch for NEW stuff coming soon!

All these exciting releases are a whole year unto themselves but there’s more! Coming at the end of the year will be a new Legends of Wrestling game release and it’ll be available in our traditional tabletop card form AND as Series 5 for LEGENDSonline! As Jim Duggan would say: HOOOOO! But there’s still more! SUDDEN DEATH 2103-2104 will be released for COTGonline featuring Blazing Skull, Malice, and Thunder!

By the way our incredible new color game cards have been a HUGE hit with fans. 2125 was like a new beginning for Champions of the Galaxy and COUNCIL OF WAR 2126 will continue the momentum with the shocking return of a fighting-mad MONOLITH to say nothing of the incredible debut of a new team and new concept, the COUNCIL OF WAR! The new Chikara game will be released in full color as well!

And you never know…maybe we’ll throw in another cool release too! We’re already plenty busy with all this stuff but with our boundless enthusiasm energized by our love of our games, and with your support you never know!

Until Monolith takes an anger management course…