All Your Tabletop Favorites – On Your Computer!

With Filsinger Games Online, you can bring all of the fun of your favorite wrestling game to your computer. Featuring all of our product lines – COTG, LOW, and the Indies – you’ll have access to a massive roster of wrestlers right at your fingertips!

The Tabletop on Your Screen

Filsinger Games Online faithfully recreates the action of the classic tabletop game on your computer. Roll out matches between your favorite wrestlers, with every single chart, card, and rule just a click of your mouse away.

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Play-By-Play Simulation

Settle once and for all who’s better – Macho Man Randy Savage or Harley Race – by making them wrestle 1000 matches in a matter of seconds! With our PBP Simulator, it’s all possible. You can play out a whole card, with full match results for every single match, in just a few minutes.

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A Catalog of Features

With Filsinger Games Online, you get more than just gameplay features. You’ll receive tools to log your federation’s history, get top ten rankings for tag teams and singles wrestlers, browse through your collection, and much more!

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It’s time to jump in to the world’s greatest wrestling game. Click here for everything that you need to get started playing today!

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