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Filsinger Games is home to the world’s finest tabletop cards and dice wrestling games, Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game and Filsinger Indies Wrestling. It’s fast-paced professional wrestling action at its finest!

With Champions of the Galaxy, you’re part of an epic tale of science fiction and fantasy as competitors from all over the galaxy compete in the squared circle. In the Legends of Wrestling Card Game and Filsinger Indies Wrestling, you’ll see the greats from professional wrestling history square off against today’s stars and up and coming Indie talent. Whatever your fandom is, you’ll find something for you with one of our Filsinger Games products.

Champions of the Galaxy

Champions of the Galaxy is wrestling in the sci-fi future. It’s full of heroes and villains waging an action-packed struggle of good versus evil, and the future of the galaxy is in your hands!

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Legends of Wrestling Card Game

Legends of Wrestling Card Game brings your all-time favorite wrestlers from any era to battle in the squared circle. Face off your heroes of yesteryear for ultimate bragging rights across the eras!

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Indie Wrestling

Our Indie wrestling sets are compatible with the Legends of Wrestling Card Game and let you bring in today’s megastars and tomorrow’s legends for incredible battles. Get the stars of ROH, EVOLVE, SHIMMER, CZW and more!

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Filsinger Games Online

Experience the fun of the Filsinger Games Universal from your computer. Packed full of the Filsinger Games action you love alongside new features like a PBP simulator and more!

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