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With Champions of the Galaxy, you get to experience Filsinger Games’ unique brand of hard-hitting action in an iconic, science fiction setting. Book the warlike Gladiators of Aethra to square off against the hybrid Ani-Men of Andromeda or fight out battles against powerful, extra-dimensional entities such as Alpha Force and Chaos.

There’s no limit to what you can do inside of a GWF ring, and with some of the most memorable characters you’ll find anywhere in science fiction and fantasy, there’s no limit on the stories you can tell, either. Get started with Champions of the Galaxy, and decide the fate of YOUR galaxy!

Classic CotG Starter Set

Start at the beginning  as the vile Thantos breaks the Galactic Code and ushers in a new era of strife into the Galaxian Wrestling Federation. Classic heroes and villains battle with one another over the greatest prize in the known universe: The GWF Championship!

Classic COTG 2087 Starter Set

Modern Color Starter Set

Jump right into the modern-day GWF with the 2125 starter set. See the introduction of characters that will shape the GWF for years to come, such as Endgame and Sly Drury. The events of the previous years have seen the GWF become a more competitive and dangerous place than ever before!

2125 Color Starter Set

CotG Expansion Sets

Check out all our incredible Champions of the Galaxy expansions!  Will the forces of good or evil prevail? It’s up to you, Promoter!

CotG Expansion Sets

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The Most Incredible Newcomer in GWF History

Here comes Chaos! Hailing from Dimension X, this arrogant athlete is the leader of the independent super-team Third Force. Possessing ...
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Keepers of the Stone

The Keepers of the Stone, Scourge and Rogue, are the incredible new tag team flanking Chaos on his quest for ...
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The Mask Comes Off

The Fighter becomes the Viper becomes the Master! After 5 tumultuous years, Pit Viper has taken another step towards accepting ...
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