Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret of Filsinger Games’ success?

We care about our fans! They’re the core of Filsinger Games madness! Plus, our gaming system (it’s the same gaming system used for all our games) is the greatest ever devised for a wrestling game. After 25+ years of success, it’s proven itself.

Can I play the games alone?

You can play alone or with friends.

What do I receive with my order?

Each game edition contains a pack of wrestler playing cards and a game handbook. The introductory games include everything you’ll need to start your fed, including instruction book, game charts, and dice.

What is a “Promoter”?

It’s our name for a loyal game player. Our game promoters are the greatest fans in the galaxy!

How do I play?

Let’s say you’re playing Champions of the Galaxy and you decide to have a match between Wolf and Thantos. You’ll use each wrestler’s playing card for the match. Let’s say you roll on Wolf’s card and the result is a running clothesline. Next you’ll roll on Thantos’ card to find out how badly Thantos is hurt or whether Thantos counters the move with a move of his own. You’ll have some tough choices during a match! Do you want Wolf to throw Thantos into the ropes or is it safer to throw him into the turnbuckle and try to smash him with a shoulder ram? Do you throw Thantos out of the ring and risk an out-of-control brawl or keep the match in the ring? Do you want a manager or other wrestlers to interfere in the match or hold back? Your choices might decide the outcome! The match is over when Wolf or Thantos wins by pin, disqualification or count out (there is also the chance of a double disqualification). The matches are realistic and move fast in real-time.

Can I play tag team matches and other special matches I see in other wrestling federations?

Yes. Any special match that you see in professional wrestling can be played. Rules for several special matches are available with our introductory box sets.

Should game editions be bought in order?

Buy the games in order you like depending on which wrestlers you want in your fed!

How often do new expansions come out?

New wrestlers are released on a regular basis.

Who created the games?

Tom Filsinger created the gaming system and concepts used for Champions of the Galaxy. Tom creates and writes all the main CotG game editions and many of the secondary editions like Classics and others. He diligently oversees everything having to do with Filsinger Games, a virtual monarch of game universes! Tom has become a celebrity in his own right, penning a book about creativity and gaming called “The Dark Menace of the Universe.” He has partnered with legends such as comic book icon Stan Lee and has worked closely with wrestling legends such as Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine, Ted DiBiase, and King Kong Bundy.

Tom has been lucky to collaborate with some exceptionally talented artists. Our top artists include Steve Stanley (who does the art for our Legends series) and Werner Mueck (who works on Ring of Honor and Chikara, among more!).

When was the Introductory Box Set released?

While Champions of the Galaxy had been around since 1986,  Legends of Wrestling Card Game was first released in 2003. Chikara Wrestling Game was released in 2011 and Ring of Honor Wrestling Game in 2012! We’re taking over!