Wrestling’s Legends Are Here!

Legends of Wrestling Card Game brings the all-time greats of professional wrestling, from the early years through the golden age, straight to your table for your own fantasy federation. Pit wrestling legends like Vader, Ted DiBiase, and even the incomparable Andre the Giant against one another. Recreate some of the great feuds of yesteryear or make up your own dream matches. It’s up to you, Promoter!

Legends Color Starter Set

Oooh Yeah! Randy Savage brings his own unique brand of Pomp and Circumstance to your Legends of Wrestling federation! Put one of the all-time greats in battles against some of the best of his and other eras to see who comes out on top!  Check out him and 15 other of the best wrestlers in history in the legends Color Starter set.

Legends of Wrestling Color Starter

Legends Expansion Sets

Big Van Vader is ready to take on the top stars in your Legends fed!  Get him and a host of other additional characters in our expansion sets that are released on an ongoing basis.

Legends Expansion Sets

Legends Special Edition Cards

Legends of Wrestling game products go beyond our regular game editions to feature Special Edition cards for managers like Bobby Heenan, tag teams like the Pitbulls and partner sets like with Cauliflower Alley Club.

Legends of Wrestling Game Products

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