A 30-year veteran who became a wrestling legend in the Northwest, “Tough” Tony Borne, is one of three stars who will make their debut in Legends Promoter Prime!  Borne was a tag team specialist who held the regional tag team championship 22 times, with partners like Mr. Fuji and Pat Patterson.  He got the nickname “Tough” because of his wild brawling style and take no prisoners approach.

In keeping up the Legends Prime Fathers’ Day tradition of including wrestling family members, “Tough” Tony will be joined by his son, Matt Borne.  Matt was a successful wrestler across the United States.  He formed a notorious stable with Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan early in his career.  He was later managed by Sir Oliver Humperdink and Paul Ellering.  Will Matt Borne reconnect with one of his former managers, or strictly follow his father’s lead?  You make the call when the Bornes arrive in the next installment of Legends Prime!

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