Today’s Stars and Tomorrow’s Legends!

Our Indie Wrestling sets bring together wrestlers from independent promotions all across the world. With sets from Ring of Honor, Evolve, Shimmer, CZW, and more, our Indie wrestling sets represent our most extensive roster of wrestlers.

You’ll find some of the most recognizable names in wrestling today in our indie sets, and be able to glimpse into the future of pro wrestling with some of the up-and-coming stars of independent wrestling. It’s an exciting time for pro wrestling, and you can be right at the cutting edge of it with our Indie wrestling sets.

Ring of Honor Starter Set

Jump into the Ring of Honor Wrestling Game and play with super stars like Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, El Generico, the Bricoes, The Young Bucks, Roderick Strong and more!

Ring of Honor Starter Set

Evolve Wrestling Starter Set

Start your indie promotion with the stars of Evolve Wrestling like Johnny Gargano, Riccochet, Chuck Taylor and more!

Evolve Starter Set

Filsinger Indies Expansion Sets

A host of independent wrestling promotions and wrestlers are available to players to grow their indie fed.  Check out Best of the Indies, CZW, Shimmer and more!

Indies Expansion Sets

The Latest Indie News

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