Chikara Wrestling Game allows you to play your very own Chikara federation! Chikara is one of the most unique and popular real-life wrestling federations in the world. The game is played with cards, dice, and charts and features over 50 Chikara stars.  Expansion packs are released regularly. First-time buyers should start with the Intro Box Set.

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Holiday Game Releases Ready to Pre-Order!

This could be our greatest holiday season ever! There are 4 major releases including Ring of Honor, Chikara, Legends of Wrestling, and Champions of the Galaxy!

Better yet, you can order our 2015 Holiday Package Deal for a discount when you purchase all four! And don’t forget, our newest sensation: BEST OF FILSINGER GAMES Starter Set, makes a great gift for a wrestling fan or game fan.

Don’t hesitate. Mosey on over to New Releases and place your order! Games start mailing on December 14. This will be your BEST holiday game season ever!

Whatever you do, don’t make Santa Wolf impatient for your order. 

Swamp Monster Joins the Gentleman’s Club in Chikara Pack!

In  the world of CHIKARA, it’s quite the accomplishment to call yourself the oddest member of the roster, but one could argue that Gentleman’s Club member the Swamp Monster is just that. The Swamp Monster is just that: a walking (and wrestling) pile of swamp sludge!

Up until 2015, the Swamp Monster had only a few appearances in Chikara. However, Chuck Taylor drafted him as the final member of the Gentleman’s Club team for Challenge of the Immortals. That is a decision that Taylor seems to have regretted, as he blames the Swamp Monster for all of his team’s failures and treats him like garbage (which Swamp Monster does smell like). Despite the threats of Chuck Taylor, Swamp Monster is always a team player and a favorite of the Chikarmy.

The Swamp Monster is ready to shimmy his way into your Chikara fed as part of the Chikara Immortals 8-pack. Pre-order the game this weekend, and get ready to have slimy fun when the game ships in December!


The Bloc Party is Ready to Invade Chikara!

The newest trio to enter the Chikara game is the infamous Eastern European Bloc Party made up of the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan and Prakash Sabar. Proloteriat Boar of Moldova is the large and imposing Gorelord of Eastern Europe. Mr. Azerbaijan is a talented mat wrestler, also voted Azerbaijan’s sexist man annually for more than a decade. Prakash Sabar is an Ex-Pakistani now living in the Republic of Georgia, who has a fondness for a certain 90′s wrestler.

These combatants entered the Chikara universe to feud with the fan favorite Baltic Siege. But after the demise of the Baltic Siege, this trio has remained in Chikara to continue to wreck havoc on the tecnicos. They joined forces with Juan Francisco de Coronado to form the United Nations team in the Challenge of the Immortals. Despite not making the finals, they did have a successful run in the tournament, and look forward to more successes in the future.

The Bloc Party are 3 of the 8 cards in the Chikara Immortals pack. The game is available for preorder on November 22 and will be mailed on December 14! Look out, the Bloc Party is taking over YOUR fed!

Blind Rage to Join Nightmare Warriors in Chikara Immortals Pack!

Blind Rage has a long history with Chikara dating back to the very first show.  In the early days he formed a faction with the Nightshift, Hallowicked and Ichabod Slayne.  After an on and off Chikara career he finds himself partners once again with Hallowicked on the Nightmare Warriors team that is taking part in Challenge of the Immortals!

The Forgotten Monster, was resurrected a few years ago by his sometimes rival and sometimes partner UltraMantis Black.  Hallowicked, in his war against Mantis, has turned Blind Rage against him again.  Will the undead monster help the Nightmare Warriors gain immortality?

The big Chikara Immortals 8-pack will begin mailing on December 14 and you can pre-order on November 22! This holiday season will be a game-playing dream…with some nightmares thrown in!

Chikara is About to Get a Boost of NRG!

Chikara is about to get a boost of NRG!

While much of the Chikara roster has been embroiled in the year long challenge of the Immortals tournament, there has been one tag team that achieved Immortality outside the tournament.  The tag team of Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon debuted in the Chikara ring in late 2014, but have made some big waves picking up 3 points and challenging for the Campeanatos de Parejas on two separate occasions.  In September they made good on their second chance and did the impossible unseating the Devastation Corporation to win the titles!

NRG  is a throwback tag team, with a striking similarity to a high-energy tag team of the mid-90′s.  Race Jaxon always seems raring to go, and Hype Rockwell seems to have put his sleepiness behind him thanks to the discovery of energy drinks, so there is no telling how successful they will continue to be. They are still relatively new to the Chikara ring, and have accomplished a lot in that time, but still have much to prove to go down as one of the all time great Chikara tag teams.

NRG will be part of the Chikara Immortals game edition coming this December! It’ll be one of our greatest holiday seasons of all time—so save your money for all-time levels of game fun!