Chikara Wrestling Game allows you to play your very own Chikara federation! Chikara is one of the most unique and popular real-life wrestling federations in the world. The game is played with cards, dice, and charts and features over 50 Chikara stars.  Expansion packs are released regularly. First-time buyers should start with the Intro Box Set.

Latest News

Archibald Peck Uses Time Travel to Arrive in New Chikara Pack!

Everybody’s favorite time-traveling marching band leader is the latest wrestler announced for the Ashes of Chikara game edition. Since his debut in 2011, Archibald Peck has forgone his evil-doing ways to win the hearts of the Chikarmy.

Peck infamously lost a Loser Leaves Town match in 2012 and wandered off to the mysterious land of Parts Unknown. Searching for answers about who shut down Chikara, Team 3.0 of Scott Parker and Shane Matthews found Archie and his gathering of clues about the truth behind the shutdown of Chikara. The trio traveled together back in time in a DeLorean to help the Chikara roster defeat the Flood faction at National Pro Wrestling Day!

Now Archibald Peck is ready to stand up as one of Chikara’s biggest heroes as Chikara faces the largest army of invaders it has ever met. Will Marchie Archie prevail? Or will the leader of the band get drowned by The Flood? Find out when you get the new Ashes of Chikara pack, which along with Chikara Wrecking Crew pack is now available to preorder. The new Chikara packs will be available at Chikara’s return show in Easton on May 25th.

The Baltic Seige is Set to Protect Chikara in New Game Pack!

The latest trio to join the Chikara game is the eccentric group from the Baltic States of Eastern Europe, The Estonian Thunderfrog, the Latvian Proud Oak and the Lithuanian Snow Troll, better known as the Baltic Seige!

This group first came into prominence in the Wrestling Is promotions and the fun-loving band of foreigners quickly made a lasting bond with the Chikarmy.  Although they only had one match in Chikara before it closed, they were eager to help Icarus in his fight to bring back the beloved promotion, and are happy to help protect it from the forces of evil set to destroy Chikara.

The Estonian Thunderfrog was the first member of the trio to make himself known, and is the defacto leader of the group.  The Thunderfrog carries with him his hammer of peace, which only he has the power to carry and one blow to the ring with it will send his opponents flying.  He loves being in America, especially with all the lovely “princesses” all around the arenas he visits.

The Latvian Proud Oak is a tree-like creature, who is not only slow and plodding in the ring, but is also quite slow at making his exit from the ringside area, always looking to thank each of his fans personally.  He might seem not too bright, but the Proud Oak is a tricky one who an surprise his opponents at any turn.

The Lithuanian Snow Troll is the least experienced and smallest of the trio, but equally as loved as his partners.  The Snow Troll complements the Thunderfrog and Proud Oak and pulls off some incredible trios maneuvers.  Now that Chikara has returned they hope to utilize these moves at the next King of Trios!

The Baltic Seige are part of the Ashes of Chikara pack, which along with the Chikara Wrecking Crew pack, are being released at Chikara’s re-debut event, You Only Live Twice May 25th in Easton, PA.  Games will begin mailing to all customers the following week. Watch for info on how to pre-order these awesome new packs!

Oleg the Usurper is coming to conquer Chikara!


The next member of Sidney Bakabella’s Wrecking Crew to join the Chikara game, is none other than the viking savage himself, Oleg the Usurper!

Dangerous in his own right, his anger and brutality was channeled more successfully at his opponents once he came under the tutelage of Bakabella.  When Sidney is not around, Oleg has been known to get less focused, going after the referee, ring announcer and even fans.  His brutal lariat aptly named “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” has claimed numerous victims, most notably Dragon Dragon who was literally decapitated by the savage Oleg.

Who will Sidney Bakabella turn Oleg’s focus on now?  Will the brutal warrior help bring the Wrecking Crew and the larger Flood faction to glory in Chikara?  Its up to you when the Chikara Wrecking Crew pack and the Ashes of Chikara pack are released later this month!

Shynron Will Leap into “Ashes of Chikara” Game Pack!

Spirit Dragon Shynron is set to make his debut in the Chikara game card series!

This high-flying physics-bending pro wrestler made his Chikara debut shortly before the close of the promotion in 2013, defeating Chuck Taylor.  Since then he has been amazing crowds in Wrestling is Fun, where he was engulfed in a rivalry with Equadorian Aristocrat Juan Francisco De Coronado.  Shynron eventually won the feud at National Pro Wrestling Day 2014, before assisting the Chikara Technicos in their clash with The Flood.  Shyron is looking forward to showcasing his incredible talents in front of a bigger audience when Chikara makes its return on May 25th!

Shynron is part of the Ashes of Chikara 6-pack, which will be released in conjunction with the Chikara Wrecking Crew 6-pack.  Both game packs will be available at the Chikara debut show in Easton, PA on May 25th, and will be mailed out to everyone the next week.

The excitement for Chikara is mounting and Shynron will be there!

Jervis Cottonbelly kindly joins Chikara roster

He doesn’t mean to interrupt the pleasant time you are having on the Filsinger games website, but Jervis Cottonbelly would like you to know that he is the first name announced for the Ashes of Chikara pack coming this May. The masked British pugilist has been a part of Chikara for years, but recently has becoming a bigger part of the Chikara universe and a voice against those looking to wipe traces of the promotion from the history books. The World’s Sweetest Man always plays by the rules and expects his opponents to fight by the same standards. However on occasion when pushed to the edge, Jervis has been known to temporarily snap when the opposition continues to break the rules, and needs Jervis to teach him a lesson.

Game fans can get Jervis Cottonbelly and the Ashes of Chikara pack, along with the Chikara Wrecking Crew pack at Chikara’s return show in Easton, PA on May 25th. Games will begin mailing to everyone on May 28th.