COTG 2130: Monolith Makes His Move. But Why?

In a startling development, Monolith has announced he is joining forces with the AniMen in 2130.

For years Monolith has not commented on his AniMan heritage and he’s ignored and even feuded with fellow Andromedans.

What has caused Monolith to join forces with the AniMen? Who is the leader of the team, Monolith or Swarm…or someone else?

Which current team is their common enemy?

This is 2130 tidbit #1. There will be 5 more leading to the unveiling of the new game expansion, COTG 2130, on July 12 in Jamestown, NY. Games will start mailing on July 15.

Watch for info to pre-order. Coming next week: 2130 tidbit #2!