“COTG: The Movie” Update

There’s been so much attention lately for COTG: The Live Event that I haven’t had a chance to report on the progress of a COTG movie or TV show, so here goes… As many of you know I was in Los Angeles for about a month a half comprising the last week of February to the first week of April. Aside from enjoying the great weather (it was a lousy cold March in Jamestown) I spent a lot of time shopping the completed screenplay for a Champions of the Galaxy movie. The first thing I did was attend a scriptwriter’s social networking event with Mark Litton who wrote the COTG screenplay. I always enjoy meeting other creative folks and these writers are from all walks of life and they have fascinating stories and dreams. I wish them all well. Mark is fond of showing me the sights in LA and we ate at the LA Farmer’s Market before attending the networking event. Mark and I also completed a pitch book, ten splash pages of art and general information about Champions of the Galaxy in full-bursting color. I sent copies of the screenplay and pitch book to four producers who I met in my previous visits to LA. These people are often swamped with work so I haven’t heard back from them yet. I am also cultivating new relationships including

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seeking representation from an agent. These processes tend to be lengthy but I have laid a lot of groundwork the past few years. Since I don’t live in LA having a good agent could be very beneficial for opening doors and keeping this project moving along. I met one producer in the main lobby at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. He’s currently finishing work on a horror movie and he wanted to understand how Champions of the Galaxy could be translated into a movie. There was a televised event taking place around us with celebrities, reporters, cameras, hors d’oeuvres, but we stayed, just sat there and talked and let stuff go on around us. It was Hollywood glamour all the way. One highlight was seeing Stan Lee at his office in Beverly Hills. It’s always great to see Stan and we chatted about a lot of things but I had the chance to show him the Champions of the Galaxy script which he held in his hands like a proud father. He told me he wanted it to be successful because he wants a cameo in the movie, which was a very cool thing to say but I doubt he would actually be allowed to do it. Having my movie script in the hands of the man who influenced me to create Champions of the Galaxy in the first place was a moment I will never forget. So for now it’s a waiting game. I’ll get feedback from my four initial contacts while simultaneously doing homework on potential agents as well as other Hollywood folks to send the script. I recently contacted artist Randis Albion to say hello (he created the main image for the Champions of the Galaxy movie poster several years ago) and he surprised me by sending me an alternative version of the art which I am posting here for the first time. You’ll have to let me know what you think! Keep your fingers crossed! I’m hoping for a Champions of the Galaxy movie, TV show, or even cartoon series in this lifetime! Until Chris Hemsworth plays Star Warrior in a COTG movie…