Filsinger Games Breaks Randy Savage Hall of Fame News Story on the Internet

Here’s another reason to listen to “The View,” our official Filsinger Games podcast: We just might break a big news story!

It turns out that our wrestling guest Lanny Poffo did just that last month on our last podcast. He announced that he wasn’t standing in the way of the WWE inducting his brother Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame. He went even further saying they can “do whatever they want, just leave me out of it.”

This concession by Lanny was big news in the wrestling world and references to the Filsinger Games interview popped up on news sites all over the Internet like this one. The story was picked up for several weeks. Even C.M. Punk got in on the act saying on twitter that they should “put all them Poffos” in the Hall of Fame.

The latest round in the Randy Savage debate continues in articles like this where PWTorch picked up the ball and ran with it. Lanny Poffo reiterated his position that he’s not standing in the way of the WWE putting his brother in the Hall of Fame.

Filsinger Games got the ball rolling and it goes to show what you already know—you can’t miss our podcast because anything is possible!