Legends of Wrestling Card Game


Legends of Wrestling is a tabletop card game that features the greatest names in wrestling history! You can play your own legends fed using cards, dice, and charts. There are over 200 wrestling legends at your fingertips! Wrestling legend King Kong Bundy is a fan of the game calling it, ” A really fun game to play!” First-time buyers should start with the Intro Box Set.  photo (c) Mike Lano.

Latest News

Marcus Alexander Bagwell Will Boost Tag Division in LEGENDS 14!

Marcus Alexander Bagwell is coming to LEGENDS 14 to join his tag team partners, Del Wilkes and 2 Cold Scorpio!

Bagwell had tag team success with both men, which team will make it to the top of the rankings first? Will he split his time with both teams, or will he strike out on his own? You decide Bagwell’s future, loyal promoter, when LEGENDS 14 comes crashing to your mailbox or online game account from Filsinger Games!

LEGENDS 14 will begin mailing on December 19 and maybe sooner so get psyched! There are still two mystery cards so your game promotion will be hotter than ever! Go here to order!

Rockin’ Robin Will Rock Women’s Circuit in LEGENDS 14!

Rockin’ Robin will make her LWF debut in LEGENDS 14 and she’s looking to challenge all of the lady legends!

The popular Robin hopes to use her FLYING BULLDOG to gain victories. Robin has battled the likes of Sheri Martel and Judy Martin for the top women’s championships in wrestling in the past. Will they tangle again in the Legends game? It’s up to you, promoter, when LEGENDS 14 starts mailing by December 19 before Christmas!

Rockin’ Robin joins a great LEGENDS 14 lineup and there are still 3 mystery wrestlers left! This is the best holiday gift of all! Go here to order!

Ravishing Randy Rose Brings Original Midnight Express to LEGENDS 14!

Tag team action will heat up when RAVISHING RANDY ROSE comes to the LWF in LEGENDS 14! Will Rose reunite with Dennis Condrey as the Original Midnight Express and do battle against the Midnight Express of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane? That’ll be epic!

Rose and Condrey also have a history with Bob and Brad Armstrong, and you can bet that war will heat up again inside LWF rings! How will the Original Midnight Express fare against other classic tag teams? Find out when LEGENDS 14 comes your way later this month!

LEGENDS 14 starts mailing on December 19 along with ROH: FINAL BATTLE! To order go here!

Double Jeopardy! Wrestler AND Manager J.J. DILLON Coming to LEGENDS 14!

Legendary wrestler and manager, JJ Dillon, will enter the LWF this December!

Dillon started his career as a successful wrestler, holding regional titles across North America. Later, Dillon became a manager of champions, guiding the careers of LWF wrestlers like Ox Baker and the One Man Gang. What are Dillion’s plans in the LWF? Will he go after championship gold himself, or take a wrestler or two to the top? You can decide Dillon’s course when LEGENDS 14 arrives in December 2014!

LEGENDS 14 will begin mailing on December 19, so you’ll have it in time for the holidays! Get psyched! Pre-orders begin THIS FRIDAY! Be sure to order early, games are mailed in the order they are received!

It’s going to be a BIG wrestling game holiday season with LEGENDS 14 and ROH: FINAL BATTLE expansions coming at ya!

Dutch Savage Brings the Coal Miner’s Glove Match to Legends!

Pacific Northwest wrestling legend DUTCH SAVAGE will make his LWF debut in LEGENDS 14!

The wild brawler has had feuds in the past with Giant Baba, the Iron Sheik, Fred Blassie, and other LWF stars and could do battle with those wrestlers again! Dutch could reunite with former partner “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and go for tag-team gold! 

Savage has put down many foes with his crushing RUNNING PILEDRIVER and is the master of the COAL MINER’S GLOVE MATCH, which he will be bringing to the LWF! Who will accept the challenge for this type of match? Find out in Legends 14, coming in December!