Legends of Wrestling Card Game


Legends of Wrestling is a tabletop card game that features the greatest names in wrestling history! You can play your own legends fed using cards, dice, and charts. There are over 200 wrestling legends at your fingertips! Wrestling legend King Kong Bundy is a fan of the game calling it, ” A really fun game to play!” First-time buyers should start with the Intro Box Set.  photo (c) Mike Lano.

Latest News

COTG Live Event and Olde Wrestling Games Now Ready to Order!

Our two newest games are ready to order and they are both very special.

COTG Live Event captures reality and fantasy as we created Champions of the Galaxy game cards to match the wrestlers who portrayed the characters at Live Event in July.  For example Thantos is a mix between the GWF character we all know and love (and love to hate) with the look and move set of indie star Chuck Taylor.  Now you can have Thantos battle other indie wrestlers and COTG wrestlers can invade promotions like Ring of Honor, Chikara, CZW, and Evolve!

Then there’s Olde Wrestling, a unique modern promotion that focuses on the vintage era of the 1920s. The cards have a special “period” look and with this 4-pack you can have Olde Wrestling stars go up against modern indie promotions or vintage wrestlers from our Legends of Wrestling games like Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt.

Save yourself some trouble and order BOTH of our new releases at the same time! These games will begin mailing on October 17 but hopefully sooner so pre-order now by going here!

Collectible Numbered Cards for Brutus Beefcake and Marty Jannetty!

COTG: Live Event is the biggest event in game history, so let’s celebrate with two special game cards!

We’ll be releasing Limited Edition and numbered color Legends cards for BRUTUS BEEFCAKE and MARTY JANNETTY. Brutus and Marty will take part in the Great Galaxian Bash event on Friday night July 11 in Jamestown in the return of the Barber Shop. So what better time to bring these colorful characters to life in the Legends game in full color!

These cards have updated stats from the original black and white Legends cards and feature fantastic artwork by Werner Mueck. The cards are individually numbered, with the lowest numbered cards being made available to fans that attend the Great Galaxian Bash event. Fans in attendance will also be able to get their cards autographed by Brutus and Marty. For game fans that can’t make it to Jamestown, the cards will be made available at some point after GalactiCon.

The summer of fun never stops, it’s our 25th anniversary of GalactiCon after all! Be sure to be in Jamestown on July 11 to get the lowest numbered collector’s cards for Brutus and Marty!

PROMOTER PRIME 2014 is on the way!

Here comes a great way to get 12 new game cards a year—our latest promotion called PROMOTER PRIME!

PROMOTER PRIME 2014 is an incredibly diverse “game edition” where you’ll receive a new game card EVERY MONTH instead of all at once. The cards will be from the Champions of the Galaxy universe and Legends of Wrestling game (both LOW and Indy wrestlers). It’s a mixed bag of Filsinger Games fun!

Want more great news? All cards you receive through PROMOTER PRIME will be available in both PDF and DIGITAL/ONLINE format! All cards will be drawn with card stats by the regular Filsinger Games teams. We’re also planning on PROMOTER PRIME members receiving other exclusives like holiday limited edition online cards, opportunities to buy limited edition member-only printed cards and discounts on other Filsinger Games online products!

For Champions of the Galaxy the cards will be alternative cards of existing characters and some new characters not part of official continuity. It’ll be a lot of fun and allows us to stretch a little!

For Legends there will be game cards for wrestlers not already in regular Legends or other print game editions. Also alternative versions of wrestlers in the games. Again, a way for promoters to meet their addiction for new wrestlers and game cards!

PROMOTER PRIME gives us a chance to produce some cards that might not otherwise get produced! It’s a win-win for everybody!

Here’s how it will work: You pay one flat price to become a PROMOTER PRIME 2014 member ($29 for the year). Then, each month just log in to Filsinger Games Online to print out or play with your newest digital card! And if you decide to wait past January — let’s say you decide to become PROMOTER PRIME 2014 member in July — your game set will already include all previously released cards in it! You’ll have access to your entire PROMOTER PRIME roster of cards any time you log in!

ATTENTION EXISTING PROMOTER ONLINE SUBSCRIBERS: If you had any issues left on your Promoter Online subscription you will be contacted directly (via e-mail to your FGO account e-mail) about how you’d like to be credited. Look for those e-mails in the coming days!

We’re very excited to launch PROMOTER PRIME and hope you’ll be along for the ride!

Regular tabletop cards WILL NOT be printed for PROMOTER PRIME. It is an online (digital) and PDF source for fans to get new cards!

Look for ordering info and a teaser on the ‘January 2014′ PROMOTER PRIME card coming soon!

For more info on PROMOTER PRIME 2014 go here!

Who is That Masked Man?

It’s none other than the mysterious Grappler!

The masked Grappler, a regional star in both the South and Pacific Northwest, will join the LWF in LEGENDS MADNESS.  Formerly managed by Jim Cornette, the Grappler is a dangerous competitor. Watch out  for the LOADED BOOT! Will he get into heated feud with other masked men like the Destroyer or join forces with him?

An interesting note: The Grappler is also connected to the current world of professional wrestling as he now lends his experience to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

The Grappler and other stars of LEGENDS MADNESS are coming very soon! This is our last official sneak preview! LEGENDS MADNESS includes awesome stars like Randy Savage (color, numbered collector’s card), Tony Atlas, Marty Jannetty, 2 Cold Scorpio, and more! Plus Santa Wolf is planning a fun holiday giveaway and you won’t want to miss it!  ORDER NOW!

Doug Gilbert Joins His Brother in Legends!

Doug Gilbert will be reunited with his brother Eddie Gilbert in LEGENDS MADNESS. Will they target former rivals like Bill Dundee, Tommy Rich, and Tracy Smothers? Or will they feud with another brother team, like Randy Savage and “Leaping” Lanny Poffo? One thing is for sure, anything can happen in the LWF!

Doug Gilbert and other newcomers will invade the LWF in LEGENDS MADNESS which is set to start mailing on December 16 or maybe sooner! This set is one of our all-time greats so order NOW!