Legends of Wrestling Card Game


Legends of Wrestling is a tabletop card game that features the greatest names in wrestling history! You can play your own legends fed using cards, dice, and charts. There are over 200 wrestling legends at your fingertips! Wrestling legend King Kong Bundy is a fan of the game calling it, ” A really fun game to play!” First-time buyers should start with the Intro Box Set.  photo (c) Mike Lano.

Latest News

Ron Hutchison Makes Legends Debut in CAC Reunion Pack!

Ron Hutchison, winner of the inaugural CAC Trainer’s Award in 2014, will join the Legends roster as a wrestler in the upcoming CAC Reunion pack! Hutchison wrestled in the United States and Canada and at one time was Canadian Heavyweight Champion, prior to his second career as a wrestling trainer  . He has competed against LWF greats like the Iron Sheik, Greg Valentine, and King Kong Bundy. He has also trained many wrestlers including the LWF’s own, Sinn Bodhi.

Hutchison is an active member of the Cauliflower Alley Club and will be in attendance at the 50th Anniversary Reunion coming on April 13-15 in Las Vegas. Come to the convention and have Ron (and the rest) autograph his new playing card! Tom Filsinger will also be on hand to release the CAC Reunion pack and honor the CAC for 50 years of service.

The CAC Reunion pack (and the new Evolve 2 pack) will begin mailing to loyal promoters during the week of the CAC Reunion! Watch for pre-order information, coming soon!

2015 Women’s Award Winner Malia Hosaka to Join CAC Reunion Pack!

Malia Hosaka, the winner of a 2015 Cauliflower Alley Club Woman’s Award, will make her LOW debut in the CAC Reunion pack. Hosaka is a veteran grappler who was trained by LOW star, Killer Kowalski. Hosaka has battled LOW wrestlers like Lelani Kai during her career, and helped train Nora Greenwald.

Filsinger Games will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cauliflower Alley Club by releasing the CAC Reunion pack on April 13-15. The special release will be available from Tom Filsinger himself at the CAC reunion and begins mailing on April 15.

CAC Reunion Pack to Get “Wild” with Bill White on the Way!

“Wild” Bill White will be joining the Legends in the upcoming CAC Reunion pack!

A 2006 Cauliflower Alley  Club Men’s Award recipient, “Wild” Bill White will enter the LWF in the CAC Reunion Pack! White is a longtime grappler who earned regional and state titles across the country in the 60s through the 80s. During his time in Texas, White served as an enforcer for Johnny Valentine. Will he resurrect that role in your fed?

Filsinger Games is honored to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CAC reunion with the release of this special game pack! The game pack will be released on April 13-15 at the reunion (you’re job is to find the Dark Menace, Tom Filsinger, to get yours!), and begins mailing around the same time.

BANG! Diamond Dallas Page Opens CAC Reunion Pack in a Big Way!

As you know by now, Filsinger Games is proud to team up with the Cauliflower Alley Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club reunion.  And what better way to celebrate than an awesome new Legends game pack featuring members of the CAC!

Our first announced card is for none other than Diamond Dallas Page, who will be the recipient of both the 2015 Men’s Wrestling Award and the Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award. DDP has earned these awards both inside and outside the squared circle. A three-time world heavyweight champion, Page will now invade your game fed in full color, and ready to deliver his trademark DIAMOND CUTTER to his opponents!

Game company owner, Tom Filsinger, will also be in attendance at the CAC reunion, and Tom credits DDP with getting him started on the path of yoga with DDP’s now famous DDP Yoga!

The CAC 50th Anniversary pack will first be released in Las Vegas at the CAC reunion/convention(find Tom!)  on April 13-15 and starts mailing shortly after to the rest of a waiting galaxy of game fans! Check out our legendary partners, the CAC, for more information at: http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/.


Cauliflower Alley Club teams up with Filsinger Games on 50th Anniversary Game Pack!

It’s a match made in wrestling heaven! The Cauliflower Alley Club and Filsinger Games will be teaming up to release a commemorative game card pack to celebrate the CAC 50th Anniversary reunion on April 13-15 in Las Vegas!

The Cauliflower Alley Club is the famous organization comprised of active and retired professional wrestlers. Featured guests at the 50th Anniversary reunion include Diamond Dallas Page and Dusty Rhodes.

Filsinger Games has set the standard for wrestling games since 1986 featuring licensed games with Ring of Honor, Evolve, Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, along with their flagship game, Champions of the Galaxy.

Owner and creator Tom Filsinger will be attending the CAC reunion in April. “This partnership is perfect,,” said Filsinger. “CAC  and Filsinger Games have the same goal: to promote the history of professional wrestling and the great wrestlers that contributed to it.”

The CAC 50th Anniversary game pack will be exclusively premiered at the CAC reunion. The game cards will feature past and present members of CAC. The wrestlers featured in the game pack will be announced one by one starting in March.

For more information about the CAC reunion go to: http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/