Legends Roster

The LEGENDS OF WRESTLING card game features some of the greatest names in the history of professional wrestling!As the head promoter of the LWF (Legends of Wrestling Federation) you’ll be able to schedule tournaments to crown your champions with the top belts (like the World Heavyweight Title and Tag-Team Titles)and secondary belts (like a United States or Intercontinental Title). Book the matches, rank your contenders, set up the feuds, it’s all up to you!

LEGENDS OF WRESTLING Intro Box Set roster:
Road Warrior Hawk
Road Warrior Animal
“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka
Harley Race
Nick Bockwinkel
Gorgeous George (with valet, Cherie Dupre)
Nature Boy Buddy Rogers
Giant Baba
King Kong Bundy
Ted Dibiase
Johnny Valentine
Greg Valentine
Bobo Brazil
The Sandman
Jimmy Valiant
Johnny Valiant
Nikolai Volkoff
Iron Sheik
Frank Gotch
Killer Kowalski
Ox Baker
The Destroyer
Playboy Buddy Rose
Red Bastein

LEGENDS REMATCH (second edition) roster:
Mil Mascaras
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Don Leo Jonathan
Cowboy Bob Orton
Lou Albano
Jim Cornette
Midnight Express-Stan Lane
Midnight Express-Bobby Eaton
B. Brian Blair
Jim Brunzell
Koko B. Ware

LEGENDS HARDCORE (third edition) roster:
Bruiser Brody
Justin Credible
Chris Candido
Antonio Inoki
Mad Dog Vachon
Butcher Vachon
The Sheik
George Hackenschmidt
Paul Ellering
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Masked Superstar
The Missing Link

LEGENDS VINTAGE (fourth edition) roster:
Ed “Strangler” Lewis
Argentina Rocca
Jim Londos
Dan “The Beast” Severn
Yukon Eric
Special Delivery Jones
Billy Red Lyons
Sherri Martel
Ida Mae Martinez
Gary Michael Cappetta

LEGENDS FEVER (fifth edition) roster:
Diamond Dallas Page
Rick Rude
Don Muraco
Larry Zbyszko
Steve Corino
Danny Doring
Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant
Cousin Luke
The Crusher
Danny Hodge
Youssuf “The Terrible Turk” Ishmaelo
Bill Apter

LEGENDS TEAMS (sixth edition) roster:
Curt Hennig
Larry Hennig
Steve Williams
Ted DiBiase (black glove version)
Dennis Condrey
Bob Armstrong
Brad Armstrong
Ray Stevens
Ivan Koloff
Al Costello
Roy Heffernan
Wild Red Berry

LEGENDS INTERNATIONAL (seventh edition) roster:
Pepper Gomez
Sir Oliver Humperdink
B.G. James
Kip James
Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Bepo Mongol
Geeto Mongol
Angelo Mosca
The Mountie
Tom Prichard
Tiger Mask
Fritz Von Goering

LEGENDS ORIGINALS (eighth edition) roster:
“French Angel” Maurice Tillet
Penny Banner
The Love Brothers
Rob Van Dam
Bob Roop
“Exotic” Adrian Street
One Man Gang
Bryan Danielson
Al Snow
D-Lo Brown
“Nebraska Tiger Man” John Pesek

LEGENDS PARTNERS (ninth edition) roster:
George “The Animal” Steele
Magnum T.A.
Amish RoadKill
Boris Zukov
Hillbilly Jim
Bill Alphonso
Paul London
Brian Kendrick
Masked Superstar II
Les Thatcher
Nigel McGuinness
Terry Gordy

LEGENDS TEN (tenth edition) roster:
Lou Thesz
Val Venis
Sheepherder Butch
Sheepherder Luke
Mr. Fuji
Jerry Lynn
William Muldoon
Eddie Gilbert
Kevin Sullivan
Superstar Bill Dundee

LEGENDS 11 roster:
Jimmy Hart
Fred Blassie
John Tolos
Chris Tolos
Colt Cabana
Mr. Saito
Joyce Grable
Tina Moretti
David Taylor
Johnny Saint
Bobby Shane