Promoter Prime 2018

Since 2014 Filsinger Games has made available a variety of special bonus cards through its Promoter Prime program.  This program has cards for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Indie Wrestling game fans.  From 2014 to 2017 these we available as an annual package of 26 cards with a mix of each of the product lines.

In 2018 the Promoter Prime product line expands to 3 separate products covering Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Indie Wrestling separately.  Each set will come with 12 cards with 3 cards being released every 3 months (a total of 36 cards during the year).  See below for all the options of ordering versions for Filsinger Games Online and Tabletop printed cards.

Ordering Links

To order any or all of the Promoter Prime Products Please click the appropriate product link below.

PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Online Version
PROMOTER PRIME Bundle 2018 Tabletop Version

LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Online Version
LEGENDS PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

INDIES PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
INDIES PRIME 2018 Online Version
INDIES PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

COTG PRIME 2018 Combo (Tabletop and Online)
COTG PRIME 2018 Online Version
COTG PRIME 2018 Tabletop Version

2018 Promoter Prime Cards

Q1 2018 Legends Prime: Brian Christopher, Jerry Lynn, Boris Zhukov


Q1 2018 Indies Prime: Space Monkey (Alpha-1), Priscilla Kelly (EVOLVE), Nytehawk (CHIKARA)


Q1 2018 Champions of the Galaxy Prime (Eternal Champions): Psyclone, Tongsoon, Galactic Punisher