Ring of Honor


The Ring of Honor game allows you to run your very own incredible ROH federation! Ring of Honor is one of the largest promotions in the United States featuring many popular wrestling superstars. There are 26 playing cards in the Intro Set along with cards, dice, and charts.  Expansion packs will be released regularly!

Latest News

War Machine Ready for FINAL BATTLE in Upcoming Ring of Honor Pack!

Teaser season for the the Ring of Honor FINAL BATTLE 8-pack kicks off in high gear with HANSON & RAYMOND ROWE!Hanson and Rowe are ROH rookies who faced off against. each other in the finals of the 2014 top prospects tournament (won by Hanson), proving that both fighters are formidable singles competitors. But together, they’re even even tougher as the tag team called War Machine! Put Hanson and Rowe in your own top prospects tournament, or pair them up together as War Machine and watch them climb the rankings ladder in your fed, promoter!
Hanson and Rowe are ready for war this coming holiday season!

Ring of Honor Online Game is Here!

It’s been a long wait but our awesome Ring of Honor game joins our popular online game offerings!

The ROH starter set is the first edition to be offered online with more coming in the weeks and months ahead. We hope you enjoy it! Making our fans happy is what we’re all about!

Go here for more info about ROH online!

ROH Bonus Card: World Champion Michael Elgin!

Micheal Elgin finalized a career long journey and made history at Best in the World, defeating Adam Cole to become only the 19th ever World Champion in ROH! Such a major accomplishment deserves a major upgrade! Prepare your Ring of Honor Wrestling Game fed for a one of a kind collector’s item MICHEAL ELGIN: ROH WORLD CHAMPION playing card! No one can say Filsinger Games isn’t on top of things!

The best part is the card is free, a bonus card included with the new ROH: Tradition of Honor game pack! The 6-pack just became a 7-pack! Go here to order and be part of the party!

“ROH: Tradition” Celebrates Adam Cole and His 275 Day Reign as World Champion!

Adam Cole reigned atop the Ring of Honor roster for 275 days as World Champion, cementing himself in ROH history as one of the all-time greats! Filsinger Games and the Ring of Honor Wrestling game honor this achievement with an awesome new playing card representing the great tradition Adam Cole created during his unforgettable reign as ROH World Champion!

But it gets better! Relive history and create your own new tradition by booking Adam Cole vs. Jay Briscoe in the brand new LADDER WAR MATCH! The Ladder War Match will be a Promoter Prime exclusive this July! So if you don’t have Promoter Prime yet, what are you waiting for!?

ROH: Tradition of Honor starts mailing on July 15.  And wait’ll you see the bonus surprise! You’ll love us.  Pre-order now!

Kazarian Returns to ROH and Coming in Tradition Game Pack!

Kazarian made his triumphant return to Ring of Honor last night at Best in the World, and now he debuts in the ROH wrestling game! Are we fast or what?

Kazarian has an awesome new playing card that highlights all of his classic cruiserweight abilities in singles action, then he amps up in tag action with a fantastic tag team mechanic! The versatile Kazarian will have a game card that takes into account the best of both traditions, making him a formidable opponent in both cruiserweight and tag team action!

Kazarian is here! And he debuts in YOUR ROH fed soon! Don’t miss the action coming in ROH: TRADITION OF HONOR. The new 6-pack begins mailing on July 15 along with the awesome new ROH: Bryan Danielson game card! Pre-order now!