Ring of Honor


The Ring of Honor game allows you to run your very own incredible ROH federation! Ring of Honor is one of the largest promotions in the United States featuring many popular wrestling superstars. There are 26 playing cards in the Intro Set along with cards, dice, and charts.  Expansion packs will be released regularly!

Latest News

Paul London and Brian Kendrick Crash the Party and Join ROH Celebration!

It had been over ten years since Paul London set foot in the ROH ring, way back at the inaugural “Death Before Dishonor” where he challenged for the ROH World Title, but the original homegrown hero is back!  From his “Epic Encounter” with Bryan Danielson to his “Night of the Grudges” classic with AJ Styles, London was one of the men who defined the face of Ring of Honor and now he is celebrated right where he belongs, in the Ring of Honor wrestling game!

But the good feelings don’t stop there!

Because  joining London is his long-time tag team partner and ROH veteran, Brian Kendrick! Kendrick is famous for his tag team championship run with Paul London. Will they capture ROH gold together in your fed? Like London, when they’re not teaming together, Kendrick also brings excitement to singles action. Kendrick will meet up with enemies like Silas Young and Christopher Daniels in the ROH game!

The two CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are filled with hungry, new stars, but they’ll have to get by Paul London and Brian Kendrick if they want to become legends!

The CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are READY TO ORDER, go here. So is FUTURE SHOCK 2131 (the latest and greatest Champions of the Galaxy game expansion). Your summer just got better! Both games begin mailing July 24, so order now!

Bow Down! The Kingdom Coming to Ring of Honor Game!

Adam Cole, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis shocked the world when Matt Taven surprised Ring of Honor fans and wrestlers alike and returned as a member of The Kingdom.

Well, now those three comprise a group that has pretty much every tool needed to become the most dominant force in Ring of Honor history! None of these individuals are strangers to titles and every champion in your ROH fed is now on notice. Get the new Mike Bennett with Maria and Matt Taven playing cards as part of this summer’s CELEBRATION OF HONOR, and play like a king!

The 2 CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are ready to order! Go here to place your order and make sure to save money by getting the package deal for both packs! The game starts mailing on July 24, so get your order in early because orders are mailed out in the order we receive them!

Young Bucks Host Superkick Party This Summer in ROH Pack!

The hottest tag team in wrestling is getting one of the hottest game updates of all time!

The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) will join the roster of CELEBRATION OF HONOR with an incredible new look and changing game stats that will take them straight to the top of the tag ranks in your Ring of Honor game federation!

Will you team the Young Bucks with A.J. Styles and start your own main event faction? Your tag team division is now officially on notice! The Young Bucks have never looked better and they’re hosting a superkick party at the end of July and YOU’RE invited!

The CELEBRATION OF HONOR 6-packs begin mailing on July 24. One is focused on singles stars and the other on tag teams! The Young Bucks will join the tag roster with more announcements still to come—so keep watching!

It’s too sweet!

All Hail Sabin as He Arrives in Ring of Honor!

Chris Sabin is back in Ring of Honor, and this summer he arrives in the ROH wrestling game! With Christopher Daniels and Kazarian by his side, is it now Sabin’s time to become the ROH Heavyweight Champion in your game fed?

The Knights of the Rising Dawn have made their mission clear. They are not happy with the regime in place. They have informed ROH that with their help, the current regime will be overthrown and replaced with the athletes that they believe deserve to hold the championships!

The Knights of the Rising Dawn are the past returning to present Ring of Honor with a better future. Can your ROH fed stand the heat when Chris Sabin leads the Knights of the Rising Dawn against your champions? You’ll find out when CELEBRATION OF HONOR game packs are released on July 24!



Donovan Dijak Stands Tall in New Ring of Honor Game!

Look out, a big man is going to turn ROH upsidedown!

Standing 6′ 7″ and weighing 270 pounds, Donovan Dijak appears to be the prototype for the future of professional wrestling. The giant Donovan Dijak  is the reigning 2015 Top Prospect Tournament winner, and stands tall as the pride and joy of Truth Martini’s House of Truth! The sky is the limit for the monster Donovan Dijak in your ROH fed beginning this summer!

Keep watching for more sneak previews and start counting the days— 2 Ring of Honor game packs start mailing on July 24!