Ring of Honor


The Ring of Honor game allows you to run your very own incredible ROH federation! Ring of Honor is one of the largest promotions in the United States featuring many popular wrestling superstars. There are 26 playing cards in the Intro Set along with cards, dice, and charts.  Expansion packs will be released regularly!

Latest News

Jay Lethal Gets Dangerous in ROH: FINAL BATTLE 8-Pack!

Last week we showed you awesome teaser art for Matt Sydal, now meet his opponent at Final Battle, the reigning Ring of Honor TV Champion – JAY LETHAL! Who will win at Final Battle? Who will win this classic match-up in YOUR ROH fed? Who can contain all the excitement? Find out when you receive your own ROH Final Battle 8 pack this winter!

No more shaking hands with the fans, and kissing babies! Jay Lethal gets a killer new playing card showcasing his nefarious heel turn, and his storied rise to fame as a champion. Book Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal in your own Final Battle!

The ROH: FINAL BATTLE 8-pack starts mailing no later than December 19, so get psyched! It’ll be a Final Battle holiday season! Go here to order!

Matt Sydal is Reborn in ROH: FINAL BATTLE 8-Pack!

Matt Sydal first debuted in Ring of Honor a decade ago, and his career has soared to incredible heights. Thanks to his innovative, gravity-defying offense, Sydal has traveled the globe.  He is a former ROH World Tag Team Champion (alongside “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels).

Throughout his ROH tenure, Matt Sydal developed a cocky edge and arrogance to match his confidence in the ring.  His journeys have gone beyond just professional wrestling, always searching for the next spiritual challenge as well. Now Matt Sydal welcomes new challenges in the ROH wrestling game!

Matt Sydal is the bridge between ROH’s history and ROH’s future. Years ago, he was doing things inside a wrestling ring that no one had ever thought possible.  And a decade later, he’s back to push professional wrestling into the next generation of innovation, and push your fed and your imagination into heights never reached before!

Matt Sydal is reborn in your Ring of Honor wrestling game this winter in the ROH: FINAL BATTLE 8-Pack! Don’t miss it! Order here!

ROHonline: Expansions and Reduced Starter Set on Sale Now!

Ring of Honor joins our roster of online games and you won’t want to miss ANY of the action! For a limited time you can get the Starter Set for a reduced price of only  $19! This offer ends on Dec 5 so if you don’t have the starter set online go for it!

Keep watching for our new FINAL BATTLE 8-pack which is due in December. We’re hotter than ever, don’t miss anything!

For more info about ROH online games go here!

Cedric Alexander Breaks Out in the FINAL BATTLE Pack!

When you think of Ring of Honor’s future there are some names that instantly come to mind, and if one of those isn’t Cedric Alexander, then the future may very well pass you by.

For years, Cedric Alexander has learned the ropes as a tag team wrestler as one half of C&C Wrestling Factory with Caprice Coleman. Hungry for new challenges, now he prepares to embark on his first singles run in the Ring of Honor wrestling game!

Can Cedric Alexander reach the top of your Ring of Honor fed with his exciting new singles card? Push Cedric to new heights vs. the best singles champions on your roster, or relive the awesome Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander feud of 2013 that put Alexander on the singles map! Can Roderick Strong deal with Cedric Alexander using his very own STRONG HOLD in matches against him? Find out when you receive the Final Battle 8-pack this winter!

Mark Black Friday on your calendar because that’s when you can PRE-ORDER the new ROH: FINAL BATTLE pack! Orders will be mailed out in the order we receive them and this game, along with LEGENDS 14, will begin mailing on December 19, in time for the holidays! Incredible body slamming game action awaits you!

REDDRAGON in Championship Form for Final Battle!

Your ROH tag team division just got put on notice! reDRragon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) recieve awesome new updates spotlighting their dominance as Ring of Honor tag team champions in the Final Battle 8 pack! 

The Ring of Honor wrestling card game boasts one of the biggest and greatest tag team divisions in wrestling gaming history, and reDRagon will shoot right to the top as one of the very elite teams in your fed, promoter! Who will survive the Final Battle when reDRagon takes your ROH tag division by storm this winter!