Ring of Honor


The Ring of Honor game allows you to run your very own incredible ROH federation! Ring of Honor is one of the largest promotions in the United States featuring many popular wrestling superstars. There are 26 playing cards in the Intro Set along with cards, dice, and charts.  Expansion packs will be released regularly!

Latest News

Legendary Jerry Lynn Coming to ROH Best in the World Pack!

The next star in the Ring of Honor Best in the World pack is an ROH Legend and wrestling legend in general, Jerry Lynn!

Jerry Lynn came to fame in the 90′s in his ongoing rivalry with Rob Van Dam.  He had stints in every major US promotion and also wrestled around the world to much acclaim.  Lynn later became part of the Ring of Honor roster, and shocked the world by ending the ROH Title reign of Nigel McGuinness at Supercard of Honor in 2009.  The fairy tale did not last long, as he lost the championship to Austin Aries about 10 weeks later, but he still made his mark on yet another landmark wrestling promotion.

The Best in the World 6-pack will be available on July 16th at the Filsinger Games convention in Philadelphia and will be mailed later that week! Watch for info in the coming weeks on how to pre-order!

“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega Stars in ROH Best in the World Pack!

The first star to be announced in this summer’s 6-pack instantly creates a seismic shift of power in your Ring of Honor fed—KENNY OMEGA!

At the beginning of the year in Japan, the Bullet Club had an opportunity to make a statement. They won an impressive win in a 10-man tag and followed it up with a huge tag team victory by KENNY OMEGA and AJ Styles! But the celebration was short lived.
In events that shocked the professional wrestling world, the victorious team cracked at the very core. KENNY OMEGA, the Young Bucks, and the rest of the Bullet Club unmercifully assaulted and attacked former Bullet Club leader AJ Styles, dismissing him from the group!

KENNY OMEGA debuts in the awesome Ring of Honor wrestling game with a brand new set of goals and objectives! The man known as THE CLEANER has his eyes set on the ROH World Title. But has the competitor who just completed one of the biggest power coups in professional wrestling history returning to ROH to support the Young Bucks got something infinitely more sinister in the works? Be the first to book KENNY OMEGA vs AJ Styles in YOUR fed, and find out who is the best in the world! Now that’s a classic match!

The Best in the World 6-pack will be available on July 16th at the Filsinger Games convention in Philadelphia and will be mailed later that week!


Ring of Honor: Best in the World 6-Pack Coming in July!

The wait is over!

Coming this summer is the next game in our popular Ring of Honor card game series!  The Best in the World 6-pack will feature new wrestlers to the Ring of Honor game and updates to the roster, as well as a Ring of Honor Legends card! Talk about excitement!

The game will be released on Saturday July 16th at the Filsinger Games Summer Convention in Philadelphia. For more information on the convention and all the happenings go to the convention page.  Check back next Monday June 13th for the first teaser art for this great new set!

Arrival of Joey Daddiego Completes House of Truth in ROH Game!

The House that Truth Martini built just got stronger! At first ROH fans got to know Joey Daddiego as the hulking Head of Security who was impossible to miss.  As he maintained order in ROH, breaking up brawls and patrolling ringside, you couldn’t help but notice him.  It seemed ROH was in safe hands as long as Joey Daddiego was on the case.

But recently, we’ve seen an new side to Daddiego – a slightly less honorable side.  In addition to his credentials as a bouncer and security guard, Joey Daddiego is a fully trained professional wrestler. Truth Martini realized the potential of a Joey Daddiego alliance and got there first, slipping the big guy cash to keep him on the side of The House of Truth.  And Joey Daddiego is more than happy to serve and protect Lethal and Martini.  At least…for now.

The House of Truth can’t wait for you to book Dijak and Daddiego vs. the Briscoes this winter! Preorder the newest ROH game edition with our other holiday releases for Chikara, Legends of Wrestling and Champions of the Galaxy.  Games will
be shipped by December 14!

Beautiful and Talented Veda Scott Makes History in Glory of Honor Pack!

The hits keep coming! Famed Ring of Honor manager Veda Scott makes ROH wrestling game history as our first (and definitely not the last) ROH Woman of Honor!

Deadly both inside, and outside of the ring, Veda Scott comes equipped with wrestling stats and a wicked finisher mechanic for her wrestlers when she is at ringside managing. It’s two cards in one!

Veda Scott will instantly make Cedric Alexander better with WRENCH SHOT. Moose and Stokely Hathaway are officially on notice! When Veda isn’t managing wrestlers to the ROH World Title, she is schooling her opponents in the ring with Q.E.D. and FLEX EXPRESS!

Veda Scott is ready to turn up the hear in your fed this winter! Pre-order now by going to New Releases…we’ve got tons of great stuff there for you.