Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor game allows you to run your very own incredible ROH federation! Ring of Honor is one of the largest promotions in the United States featuring many popular wrestling superstars. There are 26 playing cards in the Intro Set along with cards, dice, and charts.  Expansion packs will be released regularly!

Latest News

AJ Styles Enters Ring of Honor With a Bang!

Here’s the second cart for AJ Styles and it’s an awesome hooded version of the Phenomenal One!

You have your pick of AJ Styles cards or get them both for a discount! He’ll bring his incredible (-4) agility to ring action. Will he hurdle to the top of Ring of Honor right away? It’ll be up to you as the booker!

The card stats on the two cards are different just like the cart art.

You can also use AJ Styles in other game promotions from Legends to CZW. Oh heck, put him in the GWF and see how he does against aliens!

Go here to order! The cards will start mailing on February 1 so don’t hesitate…the Phenomenal One awaits you!

A. J. Styles Comes to Ring of Honor in Phenomenal Style!

You read it right: “The Phenomenal One” is wrestling for Ring of Honor and we’ve got TWO new playing cards for you to enjoy!

The first one is classic Styles and you’ll love playing it in your fed! His STYLES CLASH finisher will win many a match!

Styles is returning to Ring of Honor where he had great success winning the Pure Wrestling Championship and winning gold as one half of the tag champions. He’s had great success his entire career and in 2010 he was ranked #1 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500!

Get psyched! We’re celebrating A. J. Styles in a phenomenal manner by releasing not one but two awesome cards! Wait till you see the cool card art for his second card next Monday (January 27)! You can buy one of the cards or  both for a discount! The card stats on the back are different so you’re not getting just different card art, awesome as they both are! We give you choices because our game fans are the greatest in the galaxy and they deserve the best!

The A. J. Styles cards will begin mailing on February 1 so get your promotions ready! Play him in your Ring of Honor fed or whatever one you want! He fits in anywhere!

Watch for the card art for the second card next week and watch for info on how to pre-order. 2014 has already been a phenomenal year for Filsinger Games and it’s just getting better!



Coming to ROH: The Greatest Man to Ever Live!

“The Greatest Man to Ever Live” AUSTIN ARIES caps off the greatest ROH expansion ever, the ROH Legends of Honor 6-pack!

AUSTIN ARIES is the only two-time ROH World Champion in history, so you know he’ll be tough! Can he capture ROH gold in your fed with his two potent finishers – BRAINBUSTER and his risky yet highly effective 450 SPLASH!? Aries has a lot of enemies waiting for him in the ROH Wrestling Card Game. Austin Aries vs. the Age of the Fall, Tyler Black and Delirious are just a few of the epic feuds promoters will be itching to book right away when AUSTIN ARIES arrives in December!

In addition to Austin Aries, the ROH Legends of Honor 6-pack also includes the King of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli), Necro Butcher, Red Poison Delirious, and Tyler Black. It’s an all-star lineup!

The ROH Legends of Honor 6-pack starts mailing on December 16! Pre-orders begin on November 29 and the new game pack will make a live debut at ROH: Final Battle at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York on December 14!

Delirious is Seeing Red in Upcoming Legends of Honor Pack!

Delirious is seeing red in the Legends of Honor 6-pack – RED POISON!

Things are about to get nuts in the Ring of Honor Wrestling Card Game when RED POISON DELIRIOUS is on the attack! Here comes an awesome variant of the Ring of Honor legend Delirious in his Red Poison persona! Can anyone stop this madman when he sees red in the ring!?

ROH and FG fans alike are foaming at the mouth to book Delirious vs. Necro Butcher in hardcore matches when the ROH Legends of Honor 6-pack starts mailing on December 16! Pre-order starting on November 29 and avoid seeing red without it!

ROH is Back in Black!

Before exploding as a world-wide wrestling superstar, TYLER BLACK was first a Legend in Ring of Honor! Now the former ROH World Champion and ROH Tag Team Champion is back in black in the ROH Legends of Honor 6 pack!

Relive the epic story of the Age of the Fall taking over Ring of Honor when TYLER BLACK joins Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher in the ROH Wrestling Card Game! Guide Tyler Black to the ROH World Championship in your fed promoter! Can your fed survive GOD’S LAST GIFT and PHOENIX SPLASH?

Legends of Honor will start mailing on December 16 after the EXCLUSIVE EARLY RELEASE at Final Battle on December 14!  You can pre-order on Black Friday, which is November 29. Watch for more teasers in the weeks ahead!