2021 GalactiCon Auction Items

To Benefit the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame


The Collector Original Art by Chuck Carter


Gary Michael Cappetta/Killer Kowlaski Original Art by Sonny Strait


Malice Original Art by Brian Bendis


P3 and Tyranny Limited Edition Cards


“Pretty Boy” Bobby Heenan and Lou Albano #1 of 250 Color LE Card


Signed Nacho Berrera card


EVOLVE 1 Prototype set with alternate backgrounds


Set of 7 Original Legends cards prior to the Legends Starter set


Spike Ad Sticker


Courtesy of Chad Olson

Signed Kurt Angle card

Signed Gerry Brisco card

Signed Baron Von Rasche card

Signed Thunderbolt Patterson card

Signed Bob Roop card

Signed James Beard card

Signed Ric McCord card

Signed Rock Riddle card

Signed Barry Wyndham card

Signed JJ Dillon card

Signed Cowboy Bob Orton card

Stan Hansen Artwork Print by Rob Schamberger Signed by Stan Hansen

Cowboy Bob Orton autographed picture


Courtesy of Ty States

Signed Molly Holly card


Courtesy of Mike Delve

Chaos Original Art by Randy Bugdale


Courtesy of Jim Steinhoff

JR’s BBQ Jan’s Favorite gift box, includes Both BBQ sauces (Original and Hot), Main Event Mustard (flavored with jalapeno and honey), Chipotle Ketchup, and JR’s Championship All-Beef Jerky.  Also includes a JR’s BBQ cutting board and JR’s best-selling book “Under the Black Hat’, autographed by Old JR himself.


Courtesy of Travis Heckle and Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette Autographed Action Figure (Red and Yellow)

Jim Cornette Autographed Action Figure (Green and Red Variant)


Courtesy of Derek Baumann

2096 Ringside Companion

Legends Rematch Cards and Booklet

Legends Hardcore Cards and Booklet

Legends Vintage Cards and Booklet

Legends Fever Cards and Booklet

Legends Teams Cards and Booklet


Courtesy of Kevin Butcher

Collector’s Pack of early GWF sketches, GWFZ Artwork and Bishop Hell Art by Chuck Carter (not final version)


Courtesy of Bob Blehschmidt

Larry Sweeny Tribute T-shirt

Figure collection including Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura

DVD Collection including PWG shows and New Jack Shoot Interview


Courtesy of Mike Lipinski

Maximum Impact street fighting game (early Werner Mueck project)


Courtesy of Tim Dalton

Tex Remington and El Pantera Negro Original Bootleg cards