2022 GalactiCon Auction Items

To Benefit the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Darkos 2092 Original Art by Chuck Carter

Hawk, Animal and Paul Ellering Original Art by Sonny Strait

Mace Original Art by Brian Bendis

Encubus Original Art by Darryl Banks

Demons of Hydra Original Art by Larry Snelly

Necros and Bust Up Limited Edition Cards

King Kong Bundy #6 of 250 Color LE Card

Nacho Berrera Perennial 2021 Exclusive card

Akuma the Ninja GalactiCon 2020 Exclusive card

George Steele Alternate card

Piper’s Pit prototype card

Chris Cash card

2014 Kickstarter cards

Signed Kurt Angle card


Courtesy of Mike Melesky

Early Classics of the GWF Game Edition

Plethador T-Shirt (XXL)

Hawk and Animal Krazy Kards Artwork


Courtesy of Travis Heckle

Signed PG13 cards

Signed Bill Dundee card


Courtesy of Jerry King

Legends Original Box Set

Legends Teams

Dimension X Classics


Courtesy of Sam Fain and Brian Solomon

Signed Blood and Fire (Original Sheik Book) 1st Edition


Courtesy of Christian MacLeod

Collection of Artwork


Courtesy of Lee Longpree

Signed Brodie Lee card