Well, COUNCIL OF WAR 2126 was finally released on July 8 and it’s going to be a great year for the GWF!

More than ever Champions of the Galaxy is a game where promoter creativity is the key. The rotating commissioner position should lead to an endless stream of storylines. It’s already happening in my fed with Hector as commissioner! Imagine when Endgame gets the nod…or the Aethran Overmaster!

There’s also the new team structure for the Infinity Challenge which includes new scoring rules for matches. I’ve played this way in my own fed and it’s VERY exciting! Again, tons of opportunities for developing stories and angles. I think COUNCIL OF WAR 2126 is more than ever a game year where: IT’S YOUR FED, PROMOTER!

I couldn’t be more excited and in fact the next three (or more) game editions will be epic quality beginning with BLACK DEATH 2127. The beginnings of the BLACK DEATH story are included in the 2126 handbook with several hidden “clues” for future story development. Can you find them? Hint: It’s nearly impossible unless you’re inside my head! We’re going down new roads, not content to repeat the past but move boldy into the future.

I hope people don’t mind some wildcard experiments cuz they’re coming! The whole thing kicks off in October with the release of THE GUARDIAN as a Limited Edition card. Then after that, who knows. I’m throwing out the rule book. Let’s have some fun.

Until PSI gets vertigo…