The following story starts the chronicle the 3 characters being released in Q2 2020 COTG Prime as part of The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.  Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 with more character art reveals in May.

TIMELINE – Unknown Settlements, Badlands of Tarkania, Centra

Day 1

The first case of an unknown virus in a remote settlement located in the Badlands of Tarkania.  Scientists are so far unable to determine its origin.

Day 8

The novel virus has been spreading rapidly.  Officials have been working to slow the spread, but the infection rate is rising rapidly.  After going thorough contact tracing, Centra health officials believe that all cases seem to be linked to a single individual who had spent time at the Ruins of Antilia. No further information about the individual is available.  A temporary hospital is being constructed because the remote settlement does not have the facilities to handle the large number of infections that are being reported.

Day 10

The first death from the “Antilia Virus” (as the media has dubbed it) occurred today.  More and more members of the remote settlement have been coming forward with symptoms, which include numbness in extremities, severe headache and difficulty breathing.

Day 20

Chaos has consumed the settlement.  In just over two weeks, ten percent of the population has died from the Antilia Virus.  Dead bodies are beginning to pile up in the streets as there are no real coroner facilities in the settlement.  Those not yet infected are fighting among each other, stealing from one another or worse. The entire settlement and three other settlements nearby have become lawless. Centra officials have quarantined the entire area and no one can get in or out.

Day 40

The worst nightmares have come true. The settlements are under attack from a zombie apocalypse! Over half the population in the area has been killed by the rabid Antilia Virus.  13 days after death, Antilia Virus victims have been coming back from the dead. Nobody is safe. If you can hear this transmission, find cover now!

[Sounds of zombies breaking down doors can be heard]

Be safe!  May God have mercy on us all!

[Gun shots]


[Screams are heard before the transmission cuts out and all we have is dead air.]

Day 41

An automated news cam catches three Survivors walking carefully down a set of train tracks in a dust storm. They are scavenging abandoned box cars for gas, weapons, food, medicine and tools.

Day 42

All hope is lost.  Zombies are everywhere all across the settlement and the surrounding area. If there are any survivors still out there, they are alone. All communication has been lost.  The last roaming news cam stopped broadcasting.

Day 45 (All footage hereafter was recovered from cams with that were found in the recovery effort)

A hulking figure stands with slumped shoulders leaning against a wall in an ally.  Dead bodies of zombies the Survivors just killed lay at their feet. The second man quietly digs through the pockets of the dead, collecting their supplies and weapons. A third man is pacing around with a bat.  He exudes an excitement that stands in stark contrast to his fellow survivors.

Thriller: WOOO!  Hell yeah! What a rush! You think there are any more coming?

His compatriots don’t respond, but continue to go about their business.