The Godsend Era is upon us!

A collective shudder is felt across the galaxies.

He who caused Black Death, the chaos of Future Shock, and the dramatic appearance of Castilex, has arrived in 2134.

GODSEND, the god of chaos and anarchy, is now ruling the GWF. How can he be stopped?

The latest Champions of the Galaxy blockbuster, KINGDOM COME 2134, has just been released. Be sure to get caught up as this epic GWF story continues!

You’ll receive playing cards for the mysterious Dominion: Godsend, Lady Godsend, and Demon Godsend.

There’s also the return of The Three, but in new forms!

The FDF have added two rookies. How far will they go in 2134?

It all unfolds in KINGDOM COME 2134. Order now and experience the drama of a universe gone wild at the whims of a mad god!