Look out! The latest installment of the incredible Champions of the Galaxy saga, ORIGINS 2138,  is coming at you in July!
The shocks and surprises will abound as the Gladiators vs. Dominion war will reach new heights in MANY ways! Who will win the Battle for Castilex?
A newcomer that may help tip the scales is on the way and he is known as Vizir the Elder. Vizir is entering the GWF as a manager for the powerful Castilex team of Sentinel and Moog. But why are they suddenly getting a manager in 2138? And what is the Foundation? The answer will astound you!
With a capable manager at this side (and he can also wrestle!) Sentinel and Moog are ready to scale new heights on the GWF tag scene! What will happen in the Battle for Castilex?
Shock follows shock as ORIGINS 2138 is coming at you in July and there will be the EXCLUSIVE FIRST RELEASE at GalactiCon 2022 in Chicago! You don’t want to miss either one!