Pre-orders for the COTG Summer 2024 edition have begun!

This newest game edition will feature 12 full color game cards, a bonus card and a handbook with new stories and bios for all characters!

Up to this point, no new characters have yet been revealed for the newest expansion set. While an abundance of mystery still remains, some hints have been given about existing members…for now, check out the latest news to see if you can figure out what direction the adventure is going in next!

All of the 2024 summer sets will have a special in person pre-release at GalactiCon 35 in Jamestown, NY on June 28-30 and will begin mailing in July to all other customers.

If you are attending the GalactiCon event in person and would like to pre-order your sets, enter the coupon code GALACTICON at checkout to avoid shipping fees. Please only use this code if you will be picking up your games in Jamestown during the June 28-30 event.

In person tickets can be purchased HERE