Then it comes to the most legendary families in the history of pro wrestling, one that is certainly towards the top is the Grahams.  Eddie and Mike Graham were hugely influential wrestlers inside and outside the ring, especially in the state of Florida.
Before he became known as one of the greatest promoters of the territorial era, Eddie Graham was a terrific wrestler.  Equally adept at both singles and tag team wrestling, Graham started his career in the late 40’s in Texas before gaining notoriety in the 50’s in New York.  However, it was in 1960 when Eddie started in the Florida territory when he really made his mark on the sport.  While he continued his in-ring career, Graham took over promotion of the territory, which would become known as a hotbed for professional wrestling featuring many of the biggest and brightest stars of the mat game.
Mike Graham broke the mold of many second-generation wrestlers, who can’t live up to the legacy of their father.  Mike made his own name as one of the better junior heavyweights of his era, not only in Florida but won championships in other parts of the US as well.  Like his father Mike Graham liked to utilize the Figure Four Leglock and will certainly be looking to employ that move as he enters promoters’ junior heavyweight division.

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