With a half-shaven head, and blue and green face paint, the Missing Link was one of the more unique wrestlers of the Territorial era. He was almost completely out of control, displaying a violence not seen by many wrestlers of his day.  On his way to the ring he would even sometimes chase after fans!  The Missing Link debuted in 1983, in the Texas territory, but would soon travel all over including notable stints in the Florida and New York territories. Link would not win any titles during his career…not that he would know what to do with a championship anyway.  But he will always be remembered by the way he captivated audiences.
The Missing Link joins The One Man Gang in Legends Expansion XI. Legends Expansion XI will be available for preorder on Black Friday November 24th along with Early Classics 2074-2075 and Women of the Indies 2023. Sets will begin shipping in December.