Lord Nexus is about to get a partner on the original Titan team and it’s none other than PIT VIPER!

PIT VIPER is one of six playing cards that will be released in the CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3 coming on December 12. It’s the latest of the on-going re-release of all 24 playing cards in the first CotG game edition originally released in 1987!

The first six cards were released as “25th Anniversary Cards” and the second six as “CotG Originals Pack #2.” Now comes CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3 and coming in July 2013 will be the final installment, “CotG Originals Pack #4.”

PIT VIPER will be joined by Massif, Killer Queen, Death Knight, Vanity, and the Executioner.

The original Champions of the Galaxy game edition is coming to full color and it’s a great event for loyal game fans! Watch for updates to pre-order CotG ORIGINALS 6-PACK #3!