Joining the Legends Ladies II lineup is another trainee of The Fabulous Moolah, and another Hall of Fame wrestler to boot. Hailing from the great state of Indiana, Rose began her career in the 1960’s. She rose through the ranks quickly, and soon was in a tag team with Moolah.  The two were very successful, and won the most prestigious version of the Women’s World Tag-Team Championship on two occasions. Rose toured the globe and competed against fellow Legends rookies Susan Green and Joyce Grable, and both times the tag titles were involved. Rose was described both as the consummate heel, and “attractive and mean as a snake”. Given her teacher, this makes sense.  Will Rose and Moolah have the same success in your promotion?

Toni Rose joins Fabulous Moolah, Joyce Grable, Candi Divine, Ida Mae Martinez, Susan Green and Beverly Shade in the Legends Ladies II 8-pack.  Preorders are now available for Legends Ladies Expansion II, Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2116 and Best of Mexico Indies set!  To preorder now CLICK HERE.  Preorders for all game editions will begin mailing by March 31st!