Champions of the Galaxy 2130: The Big Mystery Cometh!

It’s a milestone of sorts.

The next big game edition for CotG will come with no sneak previews of card art and no major revelations announced in advance. That goes against tradition! Teasers have always been a hallmark of Filsinger Games!

Well, not this time. That’ll make it more special because it IS so out of the ordinary. But hey, why do things the same way all the time?

The 2130 expansion comes on the heels of the wildly successful BLACK DEATH story arc, we’re really on a roll! Plus there’s all kinds of awesome CotG developments like the amazing Live Event on July 11 and my continued efforts to pitch a CotG screenplay for movies or TV.

We’ll be busy enough at Filsinger Games that our fans will have plenty of sneak previews. For example we’re currently finishing a round of sneak previews for 2 CHIKARA packs coming on May 25 and then next month sneak previews for the upcoming RING OF HONOR expansion pack (coming on July 12).

And then there’s the deafening quiet of CotG 2130! A state secret.

What does it mean? What drama is about to unfold?

Do you like special packaging? You’ve got it for 2130!

Do you like big themes like BLACK DEATH? You’ve got it with 2130!

Do you like the unexpected? Need I say…you’ve got it with 2130!

Let’s have some fun—no teasers! Let your inner 8-year old go wild and you’ll burst at the seams when you get EVERYTHING at one time…when you hold 2130 in your hands…when your mind explodes with shock and awe!

This is different. This is fun!

Until Sur and Bex bring in the reserves…