Collectible Numbered Cards for Brutus Beefcake and Marty Jannetty!

COTG: Live Event is the biggest event in game history, so let’s celebrate with two special game cards! We’ll be releasing Limited Edition and numbered color Legends cards for BRUTUS BEEFCAKE and MARTY JANNETTY. Brutus and Marty will take part in the Great Galaxian Bash event on Friday night July 11 in Jamestown in the return of the Barber Shop. So what better time to bring these colorful characters to life in the Legends game in full color! These cards have updated stats from the original black and white Legends cards and feature fantastic artwork by Werner Mueck. The cards are individually numbered, with the lowest numbered cards being made available to fans that attend the Great Galaxian Bash event. Fans in attendance will also be able to get their cards autographed by Brutus and Marty. For game fans that can’t make it to Jamestown, the cards will be made available at some point after GalactiCon. The summer of fun never stops, it’s our 25th anniversary of GalactiCon after all! Be sure to be in Jamestown on July 11 to get the lowest numbered collector’s cards for Brutus and Marty!