COTG Live Event Trailer is Here and Full Show to Follow!

It’s wrestling’s most incredible indie show of the year and you can see the whole event in all its splendor soon! For now watch the trailer right here and get psyched!

COTG LIVE EVENT took place on July 11 in Jamestown NY and featured CHAMPIONS OF THE GALAXY coming to life and also a great card of indie action featuring the FIRST-EVER match between Stevie Richards vs Chuck Taylor and wait’ll you see it—one of the most bizarre matches in wrestling history, and that’s saying a lot!

You can watch the whole event on MP4 download or Video on Demand from in the next few days! Keep watching for updates and DON’T MISS THIS HISTORIC SHOW or a real-life Wolf will give you a real-life Savage Face Claw…it’s not just in your imagination any more!