Look Out Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA Is Coming For You

Magnum T.A. is one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, combining good looks, great skills on the microphone and impressive skills in the ring.  He was a rising star who feuded with all of the greats in the mid-Atlantic area.  His battles with Tully Blanchard were legendary, culminating in an infamous “I Quit” match.  Magnum also had a fierce conflict with Ivan Koloff.  Magnum is sure to renew his rivalry with both men in your fed this spring.  Also look for him to team up with fan favorites like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to counter Tully, Koloff and any other rule breakers.

Magnum T.A. is the latest wrestler to be added to Legends:  Expansion Pack II,  along with Tully Blanchard, Blackjack Mulligan, Ivan Koloff, Johnny Valentine and the Masked Superstar. J.J. Dillon is a Special Edition card that is sold separately. Legends: Expansion Pack II is available for preorder now with the J.J. Dillon Special Edition Card and EVOLVE 5 by visiting HERE. All games are scheduled to begin mailing on April 16th.

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