Milk Chocolate Heats up Tier 1 Tag Team Division

Tier 1 Wrestling aims to showcase the best young talent in the greater New York area. When it comes to tag team wrestling the hottest young duo in the Northeast is Brandon Watts and Randy Summers, better known as Milk Chocolate. Watts and Summers are popping up everywhere in the North East indies, demonstrating innovative tandem offense including their devastating Power Bomb Back Cracker finisher. The Tier 1 tag team scene is heating up, and Milk Chocolate is set to be at the forefront of the division! Milk Chocolate are 2 of 6 cards in the Tier 1 Wrestling pack that begins mailing on June 9th. Pre order for the set becomes available next Monday May 30th! Filsinger Games is the King of Indie Wrestling Games! Don’t miss our latest!

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